2 Player Scary Games on Roblox

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Roblox provides all kinds of activities, including scary and horrifying games that get your adrenaline pumping. With the game creation kit can be accessed easily, players have gone to great lengths, making some reality nerve-wracking experiences. Even popular games have been recreated in the recognizable style in Roblox.

For those who are looking for the scary games to play with your friends (played by more than a player) on Roblox, here is the list of them. Do not forget to check them out.

1. Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

Playing this game is an exercise in survival. This one relies heavily on the darkness to mask you, the other players, and Slender Man. The main goal of the game is to find pages hidden throughout the darkened landscape.

2. Murder Mystery 2

As you probably know, horror is not all about jump scares and monsters. Sometimes, it is all about paranoia. The game called Murder Mystery 2 introduces fear on a more down to earth style, rather than pit you against monsters of the night. In the game, you are either the sheriff, the murderer, or the innocent bystander. Every role gives you a unique mission. For instance, playing as an innocent one means you have to hide from the murderer. If you play as the sheriff, it is up to you to catch the murderer before she or he kills everyone.

3. Before the Dawn

In Before the Dawn, the purpose is to survive until dawn. This also means it will not be a walk in the park, not with a slasher on the loose. Completing every challenge as quickly as possible will make sure you stay ahead.

4. Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush takes a similar concept as Nightmare Mine but with action. There are a lot of zombies that will rush you, and that means to take them out are scattered throughout each level. You are able to survive in the game by taking out every last zombie around you.

5. Nightmare Mine

Nightmare Mine is about the big mining facility being overrun by what are essentially zombies. In the past, they were miners, the important members of Robloxia with families and friends. Then, they turned to husks of their former selves after mining the surrounding black rocks. Feel free to stop more of these creatures from spreading and escaping with your life.

6. The Roblox Plague 2

When you are sick, it is better for you to keep distance from the other people. Those who come in contact could potentially get sick as well. The Roblox Plague 2 asks you to do the exact opposite. For those who have the Roblox plague, you can spread it as much as you can. If not, you can survive as long as you can and be the last one standing.

Which scary games above look fun to play with your friends? Feel free to play any games mentioned above. You can try each one to decide which one is the scariest.

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