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There are 5 main types of pets in Roblox Adopt Me. They are common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. Remember that what kind of pet you get depends on chance. The more expensive your egg, so the more chance you have to hatch the rare pets. Currently, there are 48 total pets you are able to hatch.

You have to know that you only can get Safari pets from the Safari Eggs. Also, you can only get Jungle pets from Jungle Eggs. This pattern continues with other limited Eggs such as the Farm Egg, Aussie Egg and Christmas Egg. For your information, the pets that cannot hatch from eggs are the following: Griffin, Penguin, Horse, Golden Penguin, Sloth, Zombie Buffalo, Shadow Dragon, Queen Bee, Frost Dragon, Elf Hedgehog, Elf Shrew, Reindeer, Bat Dragon, Evil Unicorn, Bee, King Bee, Santa Dog, Panda, Rat, Golden Rat, Monkey, Toy Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Business Monkey, Albino Monkey, and Monkey King.

The higher a pet’s rarity is the more tasks you need to complete in order for them can level up to the next growth stage. Usually, leveling up a common pet is much faster than leveling up a Legendary pet because you have to complete a lower number of tasks for each growth stage. So, how to get Legendary pets in Roblox Adopt Me? As we said before, to get a Legendary pet you need to complete a lower number of tasks for each growth stage. In the text below, you are able to see a list of the number of tasks that you have to complete for Legendary pet classification and growth stage.


  • Newborn: 13 Tasks.
  • Junior: 26 Tasks.
  • Pre-Teen: 38 Tasks.
  • Teen: 50 Tasks.
  • Post-Teen: 62 Tasks.
  • Full grown .

Here are all of the Legendary Pets:

  • Arctic Reindeer (Christmas Egg).
  • Albino Monkey (Monkey Box).
  • Crow (Farm Egg).
  • Turtle (Aussie Egg).
  • Owl (Farm Egg).
  • Parrot (Jungle Egg).
  • Kangaroo (Aussie Egg)
  • Dragon (Cracked Egg, Royal Egg or Pet Egg).
  • Evil Unicorn (Halloween Event 2019: 108,000 Candies).
  • Frost Dragon (Christmas Event 2019: 1,000 Robux).
  • Giraffe (Safari Egg).
  • Golden Penguin (Throw a Golden Goldfish to a Penguin at the Ice Cream Parlor).
  • Golden Rat (Lunar New Year Event 2020).
  • Griffin (Gamepass or using 600 Robux).
  • King Bee (Coffee Shop Honey: 199 Robux).
  • Queen Bee (Coffee Shop Honey: 199 Robux).
  • Shadow Dragon (Halloween Event 2019: 1,000 Robux).
  • Unicorn (Royal Egg, Cracked Egg or Pet Egg).
  • Bat Dragon (Halloween Event 2019: 180,000 Candies).


Now, we are going to give you an example of getting one of Legendary pets. In a case, you may want to get a Turtle. Here are some tricks that you have to do:

  • Sit (Newborn).
  • Jump (Junior).
  • Dig (Pre-Teen).
  • Joy (Teen).
  • Dance 1 (Post-Teen).
  • Dance 2 (Full Grown).

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