Ant Plays Roblox Bloxburg Abandoned House

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A lot of Youtubers play Roblox games. One of the games which is usually played by Youtubers is Bloxburg. One of Youtubers who plays Bloxburg is Ant. Do you know him? Have you heard that he plays Bloxburg abandoned house? Let’s find out about it here.

Ant is an American Roblox and Fortnite Youtuber who was born on November 6th, 1996. His real name is Anthony and formerly known as CreeperFarts. Ant began his YouTube channel on March 5, 2013. He posted a video the next day after he made the channel. Ant created Minecraft videos, mainly a series on Survival Games. He made daily content. Then, out of nowhere, he created a Roblox Stream. He created 2 more Minecraft videos, before quitting entirely, and creating Roblox content. After that, he changed his Youtube channel to Ant.

In his Ant Youtube channel, he has more than 2.53 million subscribers and the total views of the videos is more than 443 million.

Ant plays Bloxburg games in Roblox. If you access his Youtube channel, Ant, you will be able to find that he plays this game. Some of the videos show that he plays Bloxburg abandoned house. Do you want to watch the videos? Here is the video about Bloxburg abandoned house and we also put some videos about other Bloxburg abandoned buildings. You are able to watch them on the Ant Youtube channel.

  • Abandoned House Has A Scary Secret.. (Roblox) which was uploaded on May 24th, 2019. The duration of the video is 12 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • I Stayed At This Abandoned Motel and Found This.. (Roblox) which was uploaded on May 17th, 2019. The duration of the video is 14 minutes and 51 seconds.
  • I Found An Old Abandoned Laboratory Under My House.. What’s Inside Will Shock You.. (Roblox) which was uploaded on June 5th, 2019. The duration of the video is 14 minutes and 19 seconds.

In the video of abandoned house of Ant, he finds a burnt down abandoned house. The owner of the house is still lurking around the house and he does not know why. Then, the owner of the house invites Ant inside. At first, Ant says that the house looks like a burned down house but it has a lot of secrets. He finds a door and then there is grass.

Then, you are able to see that Ant is locked inside the prison cell. The owner of the house says that Ant now is his new test subject. Are you curious what happened with Ant at this abandoned house? Do you want to know the inside appearance of the house? If you want to know the truth of the secrets in this abandoned house, you are able to watch the video until the end.

Watching this kind of videos can entertain you and even can get you inspired. You are also able to make a story like this when you are playing in Bloxburg, of course with a different story and then upload it on Youtube. Well, happy watching and good luck!

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