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In Roblox platform, you will be able to play the game of Roblox Attack On Titan [BETA]. Based on the research, the game was created on April 27, 2014 by Films. The last update of the game was on February 13, 2020. It is categorized into fighting genre and can be played by 13 maximum players.



AI Titan Shifters are Titan shifters that are not controlled by a player. Apparently, there are three AI titan shifters in the game. They are Armored titan, Attack Titan (Eren) and Colossal Titan. In the text below, you are able to get that information in more detail.

  1. Armored titan

This appears in the mission Ride to Shaganshina. Once you get close to the wall, The Armoured Titan will break the gate, running into the distance, following it is going to be pointless because you cannot kill it. It will run to the other side of the map, then disappear. The Armoured Titan should t be ignored in this mission as it does not harm or disturb you during the mission. You have to focus on the influx of titans more as they are a big threat. Please remember that this titan shifter appears after you ride to shaganshina, he runs through a wall making a hole.

  1. Attack Titan (Eren)

Eren is one of three titan shifters found in the game. He will be found in one game mode (Protect the Attack Titan}. The objective of the mission is to protect Eren from incoming titans. If you succeed in protecting Eren, he will slam the boulder in front of the gate. After that, you will be able to get +100 Coins and +1 Horse Feed. In other cases, if you fail to protect Eren and his health drops to zero, you will be greeted with a Mission Failed screen, and then returned back to the lobby with no rewards.

  1. Colossal Titan

This Colossal titan is a huge sized titan that has no visible skin. It proves to be one of the strongest titans, and was the first boss titan added into the game. For your information, it has 4 attacks. The first attack, it uses contains it’s smoke which used to repel you away from it. This can be lethal as you cannot grapple and titans will often be below you as you fall. To combat this, you are able to grapple onto the wall before it uses it’s smoke as then you will not be pushed back. Please note that the Colossal Titan can be found in the defeat the Colossal Titan mission, he cannot be attacked by regular titans, but is able to be killed by 5 players.


It is not known yet how to get the Titan Shifter Powers. It is Believed as a Developer Ability or exploit. We only get information that there is only one player known yet that has these powers: FAQ YALL.

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