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Flee the Facility is a popular escape game made by the group known as A.W. Apps. The typical gameplay involves up to four players pitting that against a single opponent referred to as the Beast, who they have to avoid while they are completing objectives to win the game.


Flee the Facility is a teamwork-based game in which up to four players are designated as ‘Survivors’ and have to work together to hack 3-5 computers. It depends on the number of survivors around the map and escape through one of two exits which are highlighted after all of the computers have been hacked.

Meanwhile, one player is placed into a small brown room and is designated as the Beast whose mission is to capture all survivors and prevent them from escaping to win the game. After fifteen seconds of being in the boxed room, the Beast spawns into one of some random locations on the map in first-person view and can start hunting down the survivors.


Between each round there is a one minute intervention in which the players are able to explore the lobby and vote for one of three maps by stepping on the appropriate plate. Rounds are able to take up to 15 minutes. At the end of each round all players are shown how much XP and currency they were awarded according to how many specific actions they accomplished while they are playing the game. XP goes towards the level system, that does not signify much besides how much time a person has played Flee the Facility. Currency is able to be used to buy crates containing various cosmetics to use in place of the default hammer and gemstone, and these cosmetics are able to be traded by using the Trade Hub that can be accessed through a tunnel on the right side of the lobby.


The survivors are tasked with locating the computers on the map and successfully hacking them, then opening one of the two exit doors and escaping before the Beast is able to capture them. At the start of each round, the survivors are given a 15-second head start. Although they have no special abilities, but the survivors are able to lie down and crawl by pressing the Shift key that lets them to travel through grey-colored openings underneath walls that the Beast cannot go through. Besides, they are able to jump without being slowed down which is also something that the Beast cannot do. They are able to make use of these two advantages to avoid the Beast while completing the objectives needed to win the round.

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