Best Roblox Survival Games

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In this article, we are going to share some of the best Survival games that you can play in Roblox platform. If you want to know that information, please look at the text below. Here is a list of best Roblox survival games.


  1. NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL (Played 188,678,134 times).

In this game, you have to survive on various maps while facing different nature disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more with your fellow Roblox players. Depending on which disaster you face, you are going to need to get to high ground, avoid high and open grounds. Even you need to find a suitable shelter. Each player is given around 30 seconds to get the lay of the land before the disaster warning is going to pop out and let you know which disaster you will be getting. Please survive until the end and you are going to win the round.

  1. GIANT SURVIVAL (Played 29,504,364 times).

Giant Survival is a free game that focuses on trying to survive from some types of the giants. You have to run and hide in many community made maps and earn cash to spend on an array of the gears, weapons, and more. You are able to play with your friends or other players and work as a team to bring down millions of giants with their own abilities and strengths.

  1. TWO PLAYER MINION SURVIVAL TYCOON (Played 11,585,265 times).

When you enter the game, you will need to find an empty tycoon. There are only four factories, but two players can build in one. Please go to the center of the map and into the Group VIP room and get a gravity coil, dominus’s, sparkles, morphs, and 500 Health. This is a time consuming tycoon, so you have to prepare┬áto have fun for a long time.

  1. SURVIVAL OF THE LIVING VI: END OF THE LINE (Played 4,837,065 times).

This game will be continued by ag4Official. The entire game is going to be kept as accurately as NerfModder had it last time he updated, but with fixes. To be VIP, you have to join the group named NerfModder’s Legacy or any allies. Joining NerfModder’s Legacy keeps up to date with progress and game session hosting, plus exclusive features in the game.

  1. SURVIVAL: APOCALYPSE (Played 3,116,825 times).

There are some updates info: Holiday theme readded, Fishing got an overhaul; go try it again, UI scheme has been updated along with more clear indicators on what to do with forage and inventory, lots of other minor bug and exploit fixes, including transferring structures, crafting exploits, containers breaking, etc.

  1. SURVIVAL: BEGINNINGS (Played 2,149,369 times).

You need to survive and thrive in this open-world adventure. You are able to excavate caves, craft tools, and fashion weapons, gather resources, form powerful tribes, explore vast lands and construct magnificent castles.

  1. ZOMBIE SURVIVAL TYCOON (Played 1,706,547 times).

In this game, the players have to survive against the zombie waves while fending off other survivors. But do not worry, you will be able to build your own base to defend against the Zombies.

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