Best Underrated Roblox Games

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You may get tired of playing the same games that are always on the front page such as Jailbreak, Bloxburg, and Phantom Forces. If so, you are able to try playing underrated Roblox games. In the text below, we are going to share a list of best underrated games. Check it out!


Survive the Killer is one of the best underrated Roblox games. It is a horror survival game made by Slyce Entertainment in January 2020. In this game, the players are able to either be the killer or a survivor. The goal of the survivors is to avoid the killer staying alive until the timer runs out so they are able to escape from the map. The survivors have three lives and they will be able to revive each other up if one of them goes down. The killer’s goal is to kill all of the survivors before they are able to escape from the map.


Flicker is a game developed by joritochip and croire. It is a murder mystery game. In the game, you may be challenged to interrogate the suspects, protect others, help the killer evade capture, or kill everyone. Many Roblox players said that it is one of the best underrated Roblox games. Do you want to try playing this game? Let us play now.


Word Bomb is a Roblox game created by OMG Go in December 2018 in which the players type words containing specific letter combinations in gradually shorter amounts of time. Each round, the players’ profile icons are linked in a circle around a ticking bomb, an arrow, and a set of letters. When the arrow points to a player’s icon, they have to type a word containing the given letters in order before the bomb explodes. If a player does not type a word in time, they will lose one of two lives. Sometimes, the bomb turns red and ticks faster. When the bomb changes again, it is replaced with a skull and crossbones bomb, and a new letter is required to make a word, thus making it a lot harder.


Obby King is a game on Roblox in which you have to compete against other players through a series of different Obbies per round. Apparently, there are 29 Obbies. After you finish the given Obby that round, you are safe from elimination. Once a round finishes there are still people competing or have not finished the Obby. Whenever there are more than 10 players competing, remember that 2 players will get eliminated.


Bloodfest is a wave-based survival game made in March 2011 by the user doneyes. As of writing the game has around 40 million visits and 552,297 favorites. We get information that the game of Bloodfest is losing a number of players as of 2016, the game is no longer on the main front page. But, the players are still playing it as the interest rate ranges from 400 to 1000 players daily.

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