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For those who are looking for Roblox Big Paintball aimbot script, you are able to find the script by going to the official site of Pastebin. For your information, Pastebin is the best site provide the scripts including Roblox scripts.

Now, you are at this page, please do not go anywhere because here we are going to share Roblox Big Paintball aimbot script.


local UIS = game:GetService(‘UserInputService’)

local RS = game:GetService(‘RunService’)

local Players = game:GetService(‘Players’)

local StarterGui = game:GetService(‘StarterGui’)

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer

local Studio = RS:IsStudio()

local PlayerGui = RS:IsStudio() and Player:WaitForChild(‘PlayerGui’) or game.CoreGui

local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()

local old_icon = Mouse.Icon

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

targetpart = ‘Head’

local target

local target_old

local alert = false

local lockedon = false

local settingkey = false

local upvals = nil

local val = 1

local windows = {}

local function hb() RS.Heartbeat:wait() end

local version = 1.25

local spawned = false

script.Name = ‘GameSense!’

Mouse.TargetFilter = Camera

toggle_aim = Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton2

toggle_aimbot = Enum.KeyCode.LeftAlt

toggle_trigger = Enum.KeyCode.RightAlt

toggle_esp = Enum.KeyCode.End

toggle_gui = Enum.KeyCode.F6

toggle_bottompos = Enum.KeyCode.F7

toggle_performance = Enum.KeyCode.F8

toggle_bones = Enum.KeyCode.Delete

toggle_chams = Enum.KeyCode.F3

toggle_tracers = Enum.KeyCode.F2

toggle_boxes = Enum.KeyCode.F4

toggle_font = Enum.KeyCode.F1

ffatoggle = Enum.KeyCode.Home

targetpart_change = Enum.KeyCode.BackSlash

priority_toggle = Enum.KeyCode.Insert

sethotkey = Enum.KeyCode.RightControl

fov_increase = Enum.KeyCode.KeypadPlus

fov_decrease = Enum.KeyCode.KeypadMinus

sens_increase = Enum.KeyCode.RightBracket

sens_decrease = Enum.KeyCode.LeftBracket

The text above is some parts of Roblox Big Paintball Aimbot script. If you want to see the scripts fully, you have to visit the site of Pastebin.


To find the script on Pastebin, you are able to do these steps below:

  • At the first step, you are able to go to the official website of Pastebin.
  • When you are in the homepage of the Pastebin site, you have to move your cursor to the top center of the page. It is where the search bar is located.
  • After that, you have to type any Roblox scripts that you are looking for. To see the result, do not forget to press the Enter button.
  • Next, on the screen, you are going to see some results related to Roblox Big Paintball aimbot script. Now, you only need to focus to find the right one, Roblox Big Paintball aimbot script. After you find the script, just copy and paste to use.


Roblox Big Paintball is a paintball based FPS game made on July 24, 2019 by the group BIG Games™. In the game, you will fight either as a team, or in a free-for-all in a paintball match. There are lots of maps, and each match lasts 15 minutes. If you “tags” another player, you are going to get credits. You are able to use those credits to unlock various weapons that can be used in-game. Also, you are able to get the credit bonuses for doing things like getting a killstreak and tagging a friend or an admin.

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