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Big Paintball is a famous first person shooter (FPS) paintball game made by the group BIG Games™ on July 24, 2019. For your information, BIG Games™ is a game development group created by BuildIntoGames. They are known for their games Big Paintball, Pet Simulator, Pet Simulator 2, Build and Survive and My Restaurant.


The players fight either as a team, or in a free-for-all in a paintball match. There are many maps, and each match lasts fifteen minutes. If a player “tags” another player, they are going to earn credits. These credits will be able to be used to unlock various weapons which can be used in-game. You are able to get credit bonuses for doing things like getting a killstreak, tagging a friend or an admin. When a player racks up tags, they will be able to use abilities that can help the player tag even more people.


There are some features added on the game:

  • New tdm nuketown map.
  • More missions.
  • Performance boosts.
  • Bug fixes.


In fact, the game of Roblox Big Paintaball has also experienced bugs and glitches. One of them occurs when the user clicks on the Deploy button. Usually, this button sends the user into the match. However, if this bug occurs, the button is going to say “NOT YET!”.


The players are able to get abilities if they get a certain amount of tags in one round. There are currently four abilities in the game. For note: Abilities do not require a kill streak and the tag counter does not reset even if the player dies.

  1. Radar

It requires only four tags to be unlocked. It shows pink dots over the opponents heads even through the walls. It is going to beep 3 times and with every beep it is going to show the dots.

  1. Sentry

It requires 7 tags to be unlocked. It’s a turret which spots enemies and shoots them. It will be able to be destroyed by shooting it several times. When it is low on health, it can start burning and emitting smoke.

  1. Drone

It requires 11 tags to be unlocked. It is able to follow the player and float over the player’s head that makes it easy to spot the drone. It shoots the enemies that are close to the player.

  1. Nuke

It requires 99 tags to be unlocked. It will be able to drop on the map and kill everyone who does not have spawn protection.


There are not valid codes yet. If you want, you are able to follow @BuildIntoGames on Twitter for free stuff, and the latest news of the game. But of course we are going to update this list when the new codes of Roblox Big Paintball are added. So just come back and check the latest valid codes and rewards.


Although there are not valid codes yet, but you are able to know how to redeem the codes in the explanation below.

  • Please find the “Twitter” icon right side of your screen and click this icon.
  • A screen will be opened.
  • Please type the codes from above to the blank area.
  • Lastly, you are able to hit the “Redeem” button to use codes.

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