Bloxburg Accidentally Deleting All of My Data

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Welcome to Bloxburg, which is more known as Bloxburg, is the name of a life simulation game developed by the creator named Coeptus. This one features a simulation of the daily activities of a virtual player in a household near a fictional city.

Since the first time it was released in 2016 (beta version), the game called Bloxburg has amassed more than two billion visits and around 6.5M favorites, despite that it is only available as paid access for 25 Robux. Each server can currently hold twelve players. This one is designed to be very similar to The Sims game series by Maix and Electronic Arts, more specifically called The Sim 4. It is the first paid access game to reach more than one billion visits.

The game called Bloxburg is not definitely far from perfect. Some players might have gotten some errors while playing this game. Aside from that, there were some accidents that happened to the players. There was a case when Bloxburg accidentally deleted all of the data of the player. It means Bloxburg made a small mistake by deleting all of them. If you are in this kind of situation, there is nothing that you can do except contacting the representative of Bloxburg or Coeptus (the creator of the game). You are able to contact them through their official Twitter account as well as their other social media accounts. When reporting the accident, please explain to them the real situation and make sure that you and your people are not the ones who accidentally delete all of your data because the story will be different.

Aside from the representative of Bloxburg, you can also try to share your problem with the community of Bloxburg. There might be the members who have had the same story with you and want to share the best action that you need to take to fix everything. Do not hesitate to ask them and to share your story so you will get help and solve the issue as soon as possible.

Talking about Bloxburg and data, there was a button available in the game called Erase Data. This one has been removed since v.0.6.9. By pressing the Option button in settings, if you scroll down, you are able to see a red button with the words “Erase Data”. After pressing that button, the game gives a confirmation message, in which you need to wait 10 seconds before pressing Yes. Once pressed, all the game data is erased by Bloxburg. The thing included money, Blockbux, job experience, skill experience, and build mode items such as limited time ites and Blockbux items. The only thing that will not be erased are gamepasses that you bought since the gamepass is tied to the Roblox account and not the data and the Premium Trophy because that was tied to the Premium gamepass. In addition, the in-game currencies that have been bought with Robux will be deleted as well.

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