Bloxburg Advanced Placing Ideas

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In Bloxburg, Advanced Placing refers to the gamepass that allows you to place objects without collison checks in Build Mode, meaning that they are able to be placed inside each other. If you want to purchase it, it costs R$200.

For those who are looking for the Bloxburg Advanced Placing ideas, you can check out the video posted by Jetsicar on Youtube. This video that has 357.327 features the 25 unique Bloxburg Advanced Placement designs or ideas. This article will only mention some of them so please visit the channel and watch the video if you want to know the full list.

  1. Design #1: Large sink tray

You can pretend to wash items and dry them on the sink with the tray or you can grill food on the sink tray. Place a wall so it is easier to place the counter and line it up. You can color the coals to make them look like soaps.

  1. Design #2: Sun bathing chairs with built in tables and pillows

The pillows make it look extra cozy and you can add decor to the tables to your liking. If you recreate this and the back of the tables look like this, you are recommended to cover it with a wall. If you want to line up the chairs, use a wall as a guide. The chairs look good without the tables, but the tables are to block the sight of the ottomans on the side or back.

  1. Design #3: Punchable tree or wall

This one is good for roleplays. If you want to get some wood, punch a tree. If you get mad, punch the wall.

  1. Design #4: New foods or bowl designs

You can try experimenting with the other foods for cool bowl designs or what tasty or nasty food combos you can make. It is better for you to use medium or large grid placement to put them together.

  1. Design #5: Food in blender

This idea is great for roleplays. Muffins and cupcakes work the best. Using medium or large grid placement, place the blender on the top of the item. The spiky plant can act as wheatgrass.

  1. Design #6: Record player
  2. Design #7: Modern plant vases

You can also combine other plants together. This plant looks like it’s growing out of a smaller vase.

  1. Design #8: Plate with water

You can place anything on the table to make it look like it is in a plate full of water.

  1. Design #9: Bush with stump

The cool thing about this design is that you can sit on the plant. You can experiment with different plants and see which fits.

  1. Design #10: Tabletop grill

Place it against a wall so everything is lined up. The counters are optional. You can just leave the grill with the rustic tv stand. Add a fence behind it to cover the messy back.  Please keep in mind that it only works if you lined it up with a wall and are using counters.

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