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If you want to build a Bloxburg garage, you may need some ideas to build it. You do not worry about that because you come to the right page. Here we are going to share some ideas to build Bloxburg garage.

Apparently, there are some ideas you can choose to build a Bloxburg garage. Firstly, you are able to build an underground garage. It cost 32k. Then, you can also try to build a modern Bloxburg garage. If you do not want to spend much money, you will be able to try building an Aesthetic Garage. The cost is about 14k. In building Bloxburg garage, we suggest you build it according to your budget.

To build an Aesthetic Garage, you are able to start by selecting the. Then, you are able to put it. After that, you have to select the roof. Of course, there are many kind of roofs you can choose including flat roof, pyramid roof, modern roof, etc. You are able to choose the one you like. After you put the roof, now time is for you to select the fences. Please select the fences you like. Even, you are also able to select the color of fence you like. As we said before, in building an Aesthetic Garage, you only need to spend 14k. We think that the Aesthetic Garage can be the best solution for you. In other cases, if you have much money, you may try to make a modern Bloxburg garage.

Talking about Bloxburg garage, we remind about the Parking garage in Bloxburg. Added in Version 0.5.2, the Parking Garage is a three level parking lot area that is located near Mike’s Motors and Gazblox. Currently, it does not serve any gameplay-related purpose. It is only a place to park the players’ vehicle for role-playing without having to park them on nearby parking lots. There is a small ramp on the third level of the parking garage that allows the players to drive off into the air by using their vehicles, and is able to make it easier to get off the parking garage without having to drive down to the bottom level.


Now, you may also want to know about the appearance of the parking garage. Well, in the text below, we are going to explain it.

  • Exterior

Firstly, we are going to explain the exterior of the parking garage. You have to know that the building of a parking garage consists of a solid, gray frame around the building which has lots of gaps in it. The bottom level consists of two giant openings for players to drive their vehicles into.

  • Interior

Now, we are going to explain the interior of a parking garage. Apparently, There are multiple parking stops for all three stories of the building and the players are able to park their vehicle wherever they wish in here. Also, there are ramps for the players to move their car’s level in the building. We are sure that you will like this interior.

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