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What house do you want to create on Bloxburg? You may have your own ideas about the dream house that you want to build on Bloxburg. But, some of you may have no ideas about creating a small house which has 3 stories.

Getting ideas sometimes can be easy, but sometimes can be hard. If you want to create a house which has 3 small stories, you are able to do that. There are some videos that you are able to watch on Youtube about 3-story house. Here they are.

  • A video of Jetsicar entitled [Bloxburg] 3 Story Navy Modern House (Speedbuild) which was uploaded on June 30th, 2018. The duration of the video is 24 minutes and 27 seconds. Now, it has been watched more than 66k times.
  • A video of Lol Itz Claire entitled Roblox Bloxburg: 3 Story Modern Mansion 44k (Part 1) which was uploaded on May 25th, 2019. The duration of the video is 14 minutes and 5 seconds and now it has been watched more than 201k times.

By watching videos of others who create a house on Bloxburg, you will get some ideas and inspirations to create your house. You can see the design that they make, the walls that they choose, the combination of colors that they use and many other things.

You are also able to see some real 3-story houses. Then, you are able to imitate that 3-story house into a house in Bloxburg. You are able to use any materials on Build Mode in Bloxburg to create an awesome house. You are able to enter Build Mode by interacting with your mailbox that is attached automatically to the front of your plot and then you have to choose Build Mode. You are also able to click the house button which is available on the bottom right side of your screen when you are in Bloxburg exactly when you are on your plot.

In the Build Mode, there are a lot of choices of items that you are able to choose. In the Build, you are able to find doors, fences, fireplaces, floors, garden, roof, stairs, trash, vehicles, walls, wall trim, and windows. Then, in the Decorate section, you are able to find appliances, beds, cabinets, carpets, chairs, comfort, counters, decorations, curtains, household, electronics, instruments, tables, training, lighting, plumbing, pool items and storage.

Before creating a house, it is important for you to read some tips of creating a house in Bloxburg.

  • Having Blueprint

You will be helped by this since you have a definite plan. So, you will not get confused in the middle of building your house.

  • Changing your placement grid

Using the small placement grid is better so that you can place items into more specific places.

  • Watching Youtube

On Youtube, you are able to find various videos about speed build of Bloxburg houses. You are not only able to get some inspiration from them but also you will learn how to build quality houses as well.

  • Buying advanced placing

By buying it, you will be able to build without collision checks. It will open up a lot more options to the building.

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