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Japanese apartment usually consists of a dining room, a kitchen, and 3 other multi-purpose rooms. You are able to use one of the three rooms as a living room and two as bedrooms, or one as a living room, one as a bedroom, and one as a home office.

The first part is genkan or entryway. It is where you take off your shoes. In this place, you can put cabinets for the shoes. Here are some options of cabinets that you can purchase.

  1. Shaker Half Cabinet: $60
  2. Shaker Shelf Cabinet: $100
  3. Shaker Cabinet: $120
  4. Shaker Glass Cabinet: $150
  5. Tall Shaker Half Cabinet: $160
  6. Tall Shaker Glass Cabinet: $250
  7. Tall Rustic Half Cabinet: $$260
  8. Tall Rustic Shelf Cabinet: $320
  9. Tall Rustic Glass Cabinet: $350
  10. Arched Half Cabinet: $260

In building a Japanese apartments, floors, walls, doors, roofs, windows, panels, and so on are important. Floor can be described as the lower surfaces of a building. This one is able to be bought from Build Mode for $3 per square of floor. The Walls refer to structures in Bloxburg that help support buildings. They cost $8 per 1×1 tile and can be placed anywhere on a plot. For a roof, you can use a Flat Roof that costs $6. For doors, the Plain Door is best for the front of the apartment. This one costs $120. Aside from that, a Rural Sliding Door is also needed. It is an old and stylish rural sliding door. This one costs $460. In addition, you can also use the Fine French Sliding Door. Fine French Sliding Door is a classic french sliding door with a large window and some additional decoration. This one costs $350.  For the window, you can use the Large Panel Window, a stylish panel window. This one costs $240.

Aside from the basic things, decoration is also important. It will make your apartment look nicer. Here are some items that you can purchase:

  1. Basic hood is a simple range hood. This one costs #200.
  2. Arctic Fridge is a spacious and luxurious dual fridge with a built in ice dispenser. This one costs $2,600.
  3. ProChef Cooktop is a high end professional cooktop from ProChef. It is perfect for the experienced cook. This one costs $2,800.
  4. KitchenLife Kettle is a basic kettle made of plastic. This one costs $105.
  5. KitchenLite Coffee Maker. This one costs $140.
  6. Plain pillar is an ordinary pillar. This one costs $70.
  7. Basic Dishwasher is a simple dishwasher. This one costs $300.

One thing to take a note that Japanese apartments (including the kitchens) usually do not come furnished. You will need to furnish your own refrigerator and sometimes the cooking range. Bathroom contains the bathtub and shower. For your information, in some older apartments, the bathroom will only have a tub but not a shower.

Once again, most apartments in Japan do not come furnished. You will most likely need to buy some or all of the things, in addition to your furniture such as ceiling lights, curtains, refrigerator, washing machine, and so on.

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