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Neighborhood is a feature that was released in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg (in the release of Version 0.8.2). You have to know that this neighborhood feature allows the players to rent their own personal neighborhoods for R$149 per month, which is 30 days, similar to a regular Roblox VIP server.

You are able to join another player’s neighborhood through their username or the server ID, with proper permission. Personal neighborhood is able to hold up to 50 players, more than the standard server size. Also, this feature was most likely implemented because of Roblox’s rule which said that paid-access games cannot have VIP servers. Therefore, Coeptus may have made his own version of it. Upon joining a neighborhood if you have access you are teleported to a place named “Bloxburg Neighborhoods”.


The players are able to customize their Neighborhood through the neighborhood Settings, that can only be accessed by those who have purchased a neighborhood. Apparently, there are various settings which can customize a neighbourhood to the player’s liking.


When you buy a neighborhood, the default name is “[Player]’s Neighborhood”. The neighbourhood Host is able to change the name by interacting with the “Change Name” button, that can change the name of the neighborhood and those who are in it.


Hosts are able to manage which groups of players can join their neighborhood. They have three toggles that can be interacted with:

  • “Everyone” (Anyone can visit the host’s neighborhood.)
  • “Friends” (Only their Roblox friends can join.)
  • “No one” (only the host can join.)


The players who have a neighborhood are able to change the server size. These server sizes are able to change from one to fifty players. Also, these are able to be changed at any time. However, you have to note that there are no additional plots for the players, rather when the player count exceeds 12, the players would have to spawn without a plot in the city center in order to prevent lag in the game.


Neighborhood hosts are able to ban certain players from joining their Neighborhood if they believe it is right to do. When a blacklisted player tries to join a neighborhood they are banned in, a message is going to pop up on their screen saying that their access is denied.


For your information, the host of the neighborhood has a few commands they are able to use. /clear Clears all the messages in chat.

If the Host decides to make a server with 13 or more players in it, additional houses cannot load, and the players are going to spawn in the city center, or the host’s plot if they are playing. This was done to prevent lag in the game, and to avoid having to find the places across the map for additional houses to spawn. If a player who has a neighborhood refuses to pay R$149 for another month, so their neighborhood is going to be locked or removed.

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