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In Bloxburg, there are many different jobs. You are able to pick what job you like. But, you have to be careful not to accidentally quit your job, or you are going to lose all your promotional progress.


In Bloxburg, after doing a certain amount of tasks, you are able to get a promotion. Promotions act as a multiplier to the task reward.


Apparently, different moods impact your salary. If you are having the great mood, you will get higher amounts of money than you are working while having the good mood. This impact is very significant. We recommend only going to your job when doing that.


There are twelve jobs in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg.

  • Cashier (Bloxburg Fresh Food)

As a cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food, you have the option to scan and bag food for the NPC customers.

  • Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)

As a cashier at Bloxy Burgers, you have to operate a register to take the orders of customers.

  • Delivery Person (Pizza Planet)

As a Delivery Person at Pizza Planet, you will be given access to drive a Moped to deliver pizza to an NPC customer who is waiting somewhere on the map.

  • Fisherman (The Fishing Hut)

Near the Ferris Wheel, you are able to be a fisherman. Then, you will be given a fishing rod to cast at the shoreline.

  • Hairdresser (Stylez Hair Studio)

As a hairdresser at the Stylez Hair Studio, you have to customize the NPCs that come into the studio. You have to give the customers different hairstyles and hair colors that they want.

  • Janitor (Green Clean)

As a janitor at Green Clean, you have to clean up trash as well as clean graffiti off of buildings.

  • Mechanic (Mike’s Motors)

As a mechanic at Mike’s Motors, your job consists of painting, refilling, and replacing tires on various mopeds and motorbikes.

  • Miner (The Bloxburg Cave)

As a miner at the Bloxburg Cave, you will be given a pickaxe to help the player mine. To mine, you have to select a block and select ‘Mine’. Then, you are going to use the pickaxe automatically to hit the block several times.

  • Pizza Baker (Pizza Planet)

As a pizza baker at Pizza Planet, you are going to cook specific pizzas. The kitchen is located at the back of the Pizza Planet. You are going to make the pizza for it to be pushed out onto a conveyor that leads to the oven.

  • Seller (Ben’s Ice Cream)

As a seller at Ben’s Ice Cream, you have to make ice cream to sell to the customers.

  • Stocker (Bloxburg Fresh Food)

As a stocker at Bloxburg Fresh Food, you have to take crates from the back of Bloxburg Fresh Food and restock dwindling shelves which are in need of a refill.

  • Woodcutter (Lovely Lumber)

As a Woodcutter at Lovely Lumber, you have to cut the trees with the axe given to the player after accepting the job.

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