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Playing games in Roblox will be more fun with music. One of the best sounds if the sound of piano. You need the piano sheets if you want to play piano on the platform. Just like any other piano sheets, this one consists of a group of code with no pattern.

For those who love a popular boy band from South Korea named BTS, you might one to play their songs on Roblox. One of the most popular songs by them is called Heartbeat. It is the name of a song by BTS that was released on June 28, 2019, as the fourth and main single from and in tandem with the album BTS World Original Soundtrack. The music video of the song was released at the same time as the song.

What is the song about? Heartbeat is described as having a pop rock melody featuring the dulcet vocals of the group as well as lyrics about destiny, which were also called a love letter to the fans of the group. It was revealed in the game prior to the release of the soundtrack, but players had to first reach mission 14 of the first chapter to listen to it.

If you want to find the piano sheet for Heartbeat by BTS, you can go to Fun Guy Piano. Fun Gun Piano is the name of a community specialized in arranging K-pop, K-drama, anime songs, notating sheet music or piano sheet. To find one, the first thing that you have to do is to open the site of Fun Guy Piano. In the home page, you will be able to see the Search bar located at the top left of the screen. This one will make your search easier. Upon finding it, you can just type the keyword related to Heartbeat by BTS and the result will be display. Feel free to download the piano sheet of the song.

Aside from the Fun Guy Piano, you are also able to find the piano sheet for Roblox on something like Virtual Piano. Virtual Piano provides a lot of piano sheets of many songs. For you information, this one does not have the piano sheet of Heartbeat by BTS but has the piano sheets for the other songs by the group. Here are the piano sheets of Fake Love and Spring Day by them:

Fake Love:

d{352}d{350}f{320}g{309}f{307}g{559}g{610}g{297}g{329}f{263}f{257}f{301}f{285}f{277}g{301}f{248}g{320}f{593}d{559} d{352}d{350}f{320}g{309}f{307}g{559}g{610}g{297}g{329}f{263}f{257}f{301}f{285}f{277}g{301}f{248}g{320}f{593}d{559} d{288}d{318}d{277}g{304}h{403}g{339}h{356}h{295}h{284}h{466}h{754} d{288}d{318}d{277}g{304}h{403}g{339}h{356}h{295}h{284}h{466}h{754} d{352}d{350}f{320}g{309}f{307}g{559}g{610}g{297}g{329}f{263}f{257}f{301}f{285}f{277}g{301}f{248}g{320}f{593}d{559} d{352}d{350}f{320}g{309}f{307}g{559}g{610}g{297}g{329}f{263}f{257}f{301}f{285}f{277}g{301}f{248}g{320}f{593}d{559}

Spring Day:

YiYY Yi ooooii YiYY
WWoooooii YiYY
YY YiYY YY YiYYoooottoooo YiioYiY
DhDDDDgDsDghh hhHhggggDDhh hhgg
DDhh hhgg DDJh DDdPo DDJhg DDdPo
Dhh hhDg DDhh hhgg
PHh oooOoiio ooo ooOoii ooOoYYiy
EEtyY iiYY rr rE

If you want to find more about the Roblox piano sheets, do not forget to visit those places mentioned above and some other places. Aside from that, you might be able to find the Roblox piano sheet on the community of Roblox. Community of Roblox is the place where people share and discuss everything related to Roblox.

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