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You may want to try playing the game of Roblox Arsenal, but you do not know about Arsenal controls. For this case, you do not be worry, here we are going to share some information related to the game of Roblox Arsenal including controls for Arsenal.


Arsenal is a first-person shooter (FPS) game made by the ROLVe Community on August 18, 2015. According to the research, the game has place visits around 1,000,000,000. Roblox Arsenal was featured in the Egg Hunt 2019 (Scrambled in Time and 7th Annual Bloxy Awards events). The game of Roblox Arsenal was revamped in late 2018, that resulted in a large gain of players and visits. The former version is archived in a game named Arsenal Archived and it can still be played.


Each round, the players have to kill or assist and eventually reach 32 kills (or 16 kills if the game modes are not Standard and Competitive). The 31st kill is with the Golden Gun. While the 32nd kill is with the Golden Knife.


  • W,A,S,D: If you play the game of Arsenal using a keyboard, you have to note that WASD and space are the standard controls for the game. For your information, W, A, S and D are for going forward, normal movement, left, right and back respectively.
  • The up and down: These arrow keys do not have any function in-game Arsenal.
  • O and I: You will be able to use O and I to zoom in and out respectively. If you spam, you are able to get to play first person, and you will be able to move the camera and aim using your mouse.
  • The right and left: These keys are to turn the camera right and left respectively.
  • Scroll wheel: you are able to use the scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse to get the same function.
  • The left-click: This is used for most functions in-game Arsenal. Basically, the weapons and tycoons are the main things it’s useful for.
  • G: You will be able to use emotes by pressing G if you are on PC, or tapping on the emote button if you are on Mobile. If G or the emote button is double-tapped, so you are able to do the popular Default Dance from Fortnite: Battle Royale game.
  • The number keys: You will be able to use the numbers keys to switch items in your inventory. You are able to use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 to get different items. Depending on the game you are playing, you can only hold 10 items at one time.
  • Other buttons are able to be used if the select game you have already chosen has controls different from standard role-players.

Well, the text above is an explanation related to the game of Roblox Arsenal and its controls. If you have any question related to this, you are able to send us an email for assistance.

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