Cute Bloxburg Backyard Ideas Cheap

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One of the most favorite things to do when building Bloxburg houses is to decorate the backyards. There are a lot of different ways to decorate your backyard. You can take inspiration by watching the videos on Youtube and add them to your own backyard. You can also mix them up and use different bits.

One of the most recommended Youtube channels when it comes to Bloxburg backyard is Spookles. There is a video shared by channel about the 5 cute backyard ideas for Bloxburg. This video was uploaded on May 24, 2019. Since the first time its release, it has been watched 40,472 times and has been liked 1.1k times.

The first idea of 5 cute backyard ideas for Bloxburg by Spookles is just kind of a very basic one. The backyard is just a very nice looking little kind of family home garden so it just has a little part of your area where there is a little patio table. If you are having a barbeque with your friends or family you can just eat your food there. There are also some sun loungers for when it is nice and sunny. There are plants, lots of them. The grass in this garden is striped grass. This one can make the garden look ten times nicer.

When making and decorating the backyard, there are some essential parts that are usually needed. The first one is the backyard dining area. If you want to get this look, first of all, you need to add flooring. Then, add a pergola or roofing. Next, place a table and add chairs. In the end, you can color and decorate as you wish.

The second one is add plants. Plants and flowers are important to make your backyard more pretty. There are a lot of options of the items that you can choose. Everything depends on your backyard concept.

The third one is a fireplace. If you want to get it, the first thing that you have to do is to set flooring. Then, place a fireplace. The next thing is to add chairs and comfort. In the last step, you can color, decorate, and add nature.

Here are the list of the items that you can purchase to create a cute backyard:

  1. Small Dirt Pile: $10
  2. Short Grass: $12
  3. Tall Grass: $25
  4. Dirt Pile: $30
  5. Natural Plant: $30
  6. Leaf Pile: $40
  7. Compact Bush: $40
  8. Mushrooms: $50
  9. Tall Natural Plant: $50
  10. Basic Pot: $60
  11. Dead Tree: $60
  12. Wild Flowers: $60
  13. Round Bush: $70
  14. Square Stepping Stone: $70
  15. Small Cactus: $80
  16. Blossom Cactus: $90
  17. Daisies: $90
  18. Tire Planter: $90
  19. Wooden Planter: $90
  20. Large Stone: $110
  21. Bowl Pot: $125
  22. Carrots: $125
  23. Rectangular Stepping Stone: $130
  24. Medium Cactus: $140
  25. Large Round Bush: $150
  26. Rough Tree: $150
  27. Rustic Planter Box: $150
  28. Hanging Basic Pot: $160
  29. Tulips: $170
  30. Geodesic Planter: $190
  31. Large Rock: $190
  32. Large Stepping Stone: $200
  33. Simple Square Raised Planter: $220
  34. Hanging Bowl Pot: $225
  35. Large Cactus: #230
  36. Square Wooden Planter: $230
  37. Barrel Planter: $240
  38. Etc.

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