Does Barron Trump Play Roblox

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The youngest kid of Donald Trump has recently received some huge attention from the internet. The main reason behind it is not because he is following the footsteps of his father or saying something outlandish and controversial, but because the internet feels bad for him.

Barron Trump, the youngest kid of the President of the United States, who reportedly is not allowed to have a phone or access to social media, has a Roblox account. This, along with a photo of him looking sad, spawned the hashtag #FreeBarron2020.

After the discovery of Roblox account belongs to Barron Trump, the other users of Roblox rapidly swarmed to the account, requesting to follow it. The Roblox account, which has the username JumpyTurtlee, jumped in followers really fast. It has currently more than 94,000 followers, though there is nothing on the account to suggest that it is owned by Barron.

The bio of the account reads that he watches his hero academia and demon slayer. He is trying so hard to follow people back but cannot give out personal information. It is currently not clear where the rumor started that the account is owned by Barron, but people have taken to Twitter with the news, starting the hashtag #SaveBarron2002.

Apparently, the account caused so much activity on the site that it temporarily shut down. The official Twitter account of Roblox tweeted about the outrage, saying that something is not working right and thanking people for being patient while they look into it. According to their status site, the platform experienced a partial service disruption. Thankfully, the error was fixed only a couple of hours later.

In addition to his alleged Roblox account going viral, there have also been a lot of petitions circulating the internet, all screaming to save Barron Trump from his own family. One petition reads that they have to save him from this. The boy does not deserve this. He plays the game on Roblox and always looks really sad when he is with his own family. An image of Barron Trump looking not happy in a White House limousine was attached as the cover image of the petition. They say they need to prioritize Barron over Adam for now, because it does not seem like Adam wants to be saved.

At the time, the petition about Barron Trump had more than 3,000 signatures, with a goal of 5,000. Some people shared their experiences with the son of the president, pointing out that he seemed to be kinder compared to the rest of his family portrayed themselves. There is a screenshot of an Instagram comment that says that he had a family friend that worked for the catering company at his school. The one told him that Barron was so sweet that he would greet her in Spanish every time he saw her. Aside from that, there were multiple times where the school would go on semi lockdown because he would hide from his security guards and then make them chase him around the school.

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