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In Roblox SkyBlox, there is a thing named Food Processor. You may come to this page to find out that information. You are at the right page as here we will talk about how to get the new item food processor in SkyBlox. Please keep staying on this page.

If you want to grind manually for the food processor, you need to make farms. You have to know that a food processor consists of three recipes or ingredients to craft it. Those three recipes are Crystallized gold, Green Sticky gear, and Steel Rod. In order to obtain the recipes fast, you have to make a farm for grinding them. Let us start with the green sticky gear farm.

To grind green sticky gear, you have to find a high ground like the stone. Then, you need to calculate the slimes’ trajectory and their spawn location. When you settle with this, you are able to open your auto clicker for Afk farming. Now, the devs made the mobs smarter, they will not come to you when you are not moving. To catch up with this, you just need to jump to bypass the anti afk. Now, that has the green sticky gear farm. Let us move on to crystal gold farm.

To farm crystallized gold, you have to find the spot where the ore spawner is under a tree. Then, you are able to use the buffalo wings to jump over and climb the tree. Then, come near the edge so your mining range can touch the ore. After that, you are able to start mining. Also, you are able to use auto clicker to make it possible for afk. However, we do not suggest you to use autoclicker. In this case, you are able to do that manually. Now, the last ingredient is a steel rod that requires tons of iron. So, you only need to make an iron farm. We are guessing everyone knows this already. Iron farm will give you tons of iron. Therefore making you able to craft tons of steel rods.

In other cases, if you do not want to grind manually, so you are able to use money to buy them. There are two types of trading: in server and in discord. In server trading is the trading in normal server and normal players. Normal players tend to sell items less than the players on discord. For example, a player is only selling it for 100k coins. Server trading will take you a lot of time since the players like these are rare to find. On the other side, discord trading, they sell it for much higher prices. But, the trading process is almost instant and will take you less time. You may find a deal that costs 1 million and that is cheap for the discord traders. See the difference between normal server trade and discord trade. So, that is how to get the food processor easy and fast. We are sure that you do that easily.

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