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There is an app called Free robux calc and spin wheel. It offered by Charlotte45. With this app, you are able to spin the wheel. Also, this Robux Calc and spinner will help you to convert your Robux amount to USD or the opposite convert usd to RBX.

If you want to get the app of Free robux calc and spin wheel, you are able to download it from Google play store. Then, you are abel to play Robux spinner game and try your good luck. Here are some features of Free robux calc and spin wheel:

  • Robux counter
  • Daily robux calculator
  • RBX to USD
  • USD to RBX
  • Turbo builders daily counter
  • Outrageous builders daily counter
  • Robux game
  • Ro-blox tips

If you enjoyed this app, do not forget to rate them and give them your feedback because they really need it to keep the app up to date.


This is an unofficial application for Roblox. This application is not affiliated in any way with ROBLOX CORPORATION. This app has been designed as a free Robux calculator and counter tool to help the players of Roblox and fans and it’s not contain anything illegal. For your information, the name, logo and information provided by the application used in accordance the guidelines indicated in:


  • At the first step, you are able to go to Google Play Store.
  • Then, you are able to search for Free Robux Calc and Spin Wheel on the search bar.
  • After you find it, simply you are able to click at the install button. For your information, the size is 4,6 MB. It was updated on October 31, 2019.
  • Make sure that you download and install the app completely so that you are able to play this fun app.
  • After the process of installing done, you are able to try playing Robux spinner game. As we explained before, this Robux Calc and spinner will help you to convert your Robux amount to USD, so you are able to do that too.

Talking about Free Robux Calc and Spin Wheel app, we remind about another app that you can download to play Robux spinner. The app is Robux Spin Wheel For Roblox. It is an app developed by Jordan Pickford. If Free Robux Calc and Spin Wheel app designed for Android users, this Robux Spin Wheel For Roblox app is designed for Iphone and iPad users. For those who are Iphone and iPad users, you are able to download the app from your App Store. However, you do not hope to get Robux through these app. You only play the game Robux spinner. If you really want to get Robux, you are able to purchase Robux. Or you are also able to sign up for a membership to the Roblox Builders Club. It will give you a certain number of Robux every single day, plus a list of other perks.

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