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For those who want to know the script of Grab Knife V4, you are able to keep staying on this page. Here we are going to share the scripts. Actually, you are able to find the scripts on Pastebin. Now, you do not need to go anywhere, just look at the text below.


local Player,game,owner = owner,game

local RealPlayer = Player


print(“FE Compatibility code by Mokiros”)

local rp = RealPlayer

script.Parent = rp.Character

local Event =“RemoteEvent”)

Event.Name = “UserInput_Event”

Fake event to make stuff like Mouse.KeyDown work

local function fakeEvent()

local t = {_fakeEvent=true,Functions={},Connect=function(self,f)table.insert(self.Functions,f) end}

t.connect = t.Connect

return t


local UIS = {InputBegan=fakeEvent(),InputEnded=fakeEvent()}

local CAS = {Actions={},BindAction=function(self,name,fun,touch,…)

CAS.Actions[name] = fun and {Name=name,Function=fun,Keys={…}} or nil


CAS.UnbindAction = CAS.BindAction

local function te(self,ev,…)

local t = m[ev]

if t and t._fakeEvent then

for _,f in pairs(t.Functions) do





m.TrigEvent = te

UIS.TrigEvent = te


if plr~=rp then return end

m.Target = io.Target

m.Hit = io.Hit

if not io.isMouse then

local b = io.UserInputState == Enum.UserInputState.Begin

if io.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then

return m:TrigEvent(b and “Button1Down” or “Button1Up”)

To check out the full scripts, click this link;


Apparently, there are many features on Grab Knife V4 game. Here, we want to share some controls of Grab Knife V4. If you want to know those controls, you are able to read below.

  • Z. It is to equip and de-equip.
  • X. It is to go into Katana mode. This has 3 keys:
  1. Clicking is going to slash the sword, if it is near a player. Their head will be cut off along with a ragdoll.
  2. Pressing Q will be able to increase your walk speed and point your Katana out. If it hits a player, their body will be connected to the sword. After a few seconds, you will kill that player.
  3. Pressing E will be able to increase your walkspeed, and point your Katana to the side. Then, you can run beside players to kill them.
  • Knife. How can this be a script without the knife? You will be able to enable it by pressing C.
  • F. You are able to use this control to kill others by slicing their neck.
  • T. It is where you throw your knife. Hitting their head is going to cause them to die slowly. Throwing at the arms and legs will be able to disable them until you kill that player.
  • E, if you grab a player. You are able to throw by pressing this key. The next two throws are if you jump then throw, and if you walk then jump throw.
  • Gun mode. The only key we know is V, that you say “Begone Thot”, and fire some waves that kill players. You can activate the mode by pressing V.
  • On the customize menu, you are able to do this math to disable child lock. The only thing you can customize is the blood color.

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