Highest Paying Job in Bloxburg 2020

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Bloxburg currently has 11 jobs. Each job pays varying amounts of money. When you complete the particular number of tasks, you will be able to get promoted and start to gain more money per task. If you want to earn money, you need to end their shift. After that, they will get the paycheck. What is the highest paying job in Bloxburg 2020? For those who are wondering about it, please read the whole article.

As displayed on Wiki, all the Bloxburg jobs earnings are calculated at the maximum mood. In level 1, it is $16 with the Excellent Employee gamepass and $8 without it. In the level 2, the earning is $20 with the Excellent Employee gamepass and $10 with it. In the level 3, it is $24 for Excellent Employee gamepass and $12 for no the gamepass. In the level 4, it is $28 with the Excellent Employee gamepass and $14 without it.

The highest paying job in Bloxburg is called mechanic at Mike’s Motors. In this place, the customers will bring in their vehicles and ask for a paint job, tire change, or oil change. If you want to change the paint on the vehicle, there are four paints sprayers on the left table in the back, in red, purple, green, and black. To change the oil, please grab an oil can from the right table in the back of the shop.

Being a mechanic at Mike’s Motors means having to deal with a bug when customers ask for a tire change. Sometimes, the customers ask for a different kind of tire than they currently have, and if you put the tire on that they ask for, your work will be rejected. In this case, you are recommended to give them the kind of tire that they already have and they will accept it and pay you. Remember to change both tires before clicking done.

How much money you earn by being a mechanic at Mike’s Motors? The payment for this job starts at $28 per vehicle with the gamepass called the Excellent Employee and $13 without it. By taking this job, you will be able to earn $322 – $368 ($644 – $736) in total.

A woodcutter at Lovely Lumber is the second best best paying job in Bloxburg. This one seems to be inspired by another Roblox game entitled Lumber Tycoon 2. You will get an ax and a lumberjack uniform from your boss named Jack Lumber, whose whole family is also named Jack. With this tool, you are able to walk around the area surrounding the lumber mill and chop down trees for money. If you want to chop one down, it takes about 10 wings per tree. Payment from being a woodcutter starts at $20 per tree with the Excellent Employee gamepass and $13 without it. Please keep in mind that the highest your mood is, the higher you will get paid. In other words, keeping a good mood is better.

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