How Do You Update Roblox if It is Not Working

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When you try to update Roblox, but then you see that it is not working. Are you panic? Some of you may be. But, you do not have to be panic or worried because it means that you have to fix it first so that you are able to update Roblox.

There are some methods that you are able to try to apply to fix this issue. Here they are.

Restart The PC

Restarting a PC is one of the common ways that is done to fix any problem with your PC or the program in it. For this issue, you are also able to restart your PC and then you can access Roblox again. This method should be able to fix this problem. Since the updates are distributed automatically after you begin the game, then you can try multiple times to make it happen.

Checking For Connection Issues

If you have restarted your PC but Roblox is still not working and not updating, then you are able to try to check for connection issues.

Roblox needs a stable connection at all times, and it is important to permit it to communicate freely through the Windows Firewall. So, you can follow the steps below to add Roblox to list of allowed apps in Windows Firewall:

  • In the Windows Search bar, you have to type Firewall, and open Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  • Then, you have to click Change settings and allow Roblox to communicate freely by checking both boxes.
  • Now, you have to confirm changes and restart your PC.
  • Finally, you can start Roblox again.

In addition, you can troubleshoot the connection. There are some common steps that you can take to resolve possible connection issues:

  • You can use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Restart your router.
  • Then, manage router settings. You have to make sure ports are open, enable UPnP and QoS if available.
  • You have to disable VPN or Proxy for the time being.
  • It is important to update the router’s firmware.

Running Windows Troubleshooter

Because the UWP version of Roblox is under the siege, if you run  the troubleshooter, it just might suffice. Moreover, if the error is  not addressed, you will know whether the game is the one to blame or there is something else. If you want to run Windows Troubleshooter, you can follow these steps:

  • The first thing that you have to do is right-click on Start and open Settings.
  • After opening Settings, you must choose Update & Security there.
  • Now, you need to choose Troubleshoot from the left pane.
  • In this step, you have to scroll to the bottom and expand the Windows Store apps troubleshooter.
  • Finally, you are able to run the troubleshooter and follow the instructions.

Reinstall Roblox

If among the methods above there is no helpful method for you, then you can try to reinstall the Roblox game completely. Some users advise clean reinstallation. So, you uninstall the app and then clear all remaining data with iObit Uninstaller which include registry entries. Then, you can download and install Roblox again. After doing it, the game can start normally including the updates.

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