How Much Does a Roblox Ad Cost

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In Roblox, ads can refer to user-created ads or outside ads. Apparently, members with any level of Roblox Premium will prevent themselves from seeing outside ads. Some members of Roblox Premium prefer to see commercial ads than user created ads because the quality of outside ads is usually much better than the user-made ads. Users are able to advertise any of the items that they have created, including places, T-shirts, and groups.

The thing called Roblox allows you to upload image ads for games, catalog items, groups, and so on. When the ad is clicked, you will be taken to the page of whatever you are advertising. So, how much does a Roblox ad cost?

If you are interested in commercial ads, you need to know that ad space is not directly purchased, instead, it is bid for in an auction format. There is a limited amount of ad space available, meaning ads with higher bids get more impressions or displays.

For example, there are three developers that are all bidding to have their games featured on tables. The first developer bids 50 Robux, the second one bids 100 Robux, and the third one bids 300 Robux. In this case, the first one bid the least amount of Robux so their game will appear in sponsored slots the least amount of times. The second one bid twice as many Robux so their game will appear in these slots twice as often. The third one bid six times as many Robux as the first one did so their game will appear six times as often.

There are some tips for making a good ad. If you follow them, you can achieve success in advertising the item.

  • Create the ad related to the item that is being advertised. A lot of advertisers are ignorant of the fact that irrelevant ads do poorly for their place or item’s popularity.
  • You could double the click through rate or CTR by adding screenshots of the item for evidence of the item that is advertised.
  • Make the ad noticeable, but not stupid. There is a line between the two.
  • Making people lose the game or trying to encourage them to click the ad will get viewers to click on the ad, but not associated with the item the ad leads to. This one is a right way to attract viewers to the product of the advertiser.
  • Make sure the ad doesn’t burn the eyes or anyone or bother them. It is better for you to use bursts of random, non-matching colors, and or optical illusions.
  • Try to minor real and professional internet ads when making the ad. Users tend to click on an ad much better than a white box with simple Sans text and crude drawings.
  • Add some realistic effects. For instance, if there are streetlights in your ad, you can place glowing effects on the bulbs.
  • Use a different image editor instead of the popular Microsoft Paint for making a professional appearance to the ad such as Paint.NET, GIMP, and so on.

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