How Much is the Premium Pass in Bloxburg

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For those who like playing the game of Welcome to Bloxburg, you may want to purchase Bloxburg gamepass that gives you good effect. Apparently, there are some Bloxburg gamepasses that you can purchase for the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. One of the gamepasses is Premium. By the way, how Much is the Premium in Bloxburg? To find out that information, let us talk about that here.

You have to know that the price of Bloxburg Premium gamepass is R$400. If you want to purchase this Bloxburg Premium gamepass, you need to prepare R$400 for purchase. We get information that there are many Bloxburg players who have already purchased  Bloxburg Premium gamepass. Do you really want to get this one? Please buy it now.

So, what does BLoxburg Premium gamepass give you in the game of Bloxburg? The players with Bloxburg Premium gamepass receive a variety of exclusive features, including a unique name tag and bigger daily rewards. As a Premium member you are going to get:

  • Halved bills.
  • Double daily rewards.
  • A special nametag.
  • Increased donation limit.
  • The ability to choose your plot.
  • A premium trophy, and more features.

Well, the text above is an explanation about the price and the features of Bloxburg Premium gamepass. As we said before, in Bloxburg, you are going to buy some gamepassess. In addition, we are also going to share other Bloxburg Gamepassess. Here are they:

Excellent Employee

The players with Excellent Employee gamepass will receive extra pay while working. It makes the players a truly excellent employee, increasing both their earnings and how often they get promoted. If you want to get this one, you are able to purchase it for 300 Robux.


The players with Advanced Placement unlock special abilities to accurately place items in Build Mode. This gamepass allows you to place objects without collision checks in Build-Mode, that means they are able to be placed inside each other. You are able to purchase it for 300 Robux.


The players with Multiple Floors unlock the ability to build above the first level. They are able to build up to the fifth level. This gamepass offers you to build up to 5 floors and make your home more nice. It costs 300 Robux.


The players with Unlocked Stereo unlock the ability to stream audio on various electronics and vehicles across the city of Bloxburg. This gamepass offer you to play any custom Roblox Sound in-game, make custom playlists, access vehicle radios and use the DJ booth at BEAT. It costs 400 Robux.


The players with Large Plot will receive a larger plot grid. This plot grid increases to 50×50 from the standard 30×30 grid. Making it possible to build even bigger houses. It costs 250 Robux.


The players with Basements unlock the ability to build underneath the first level. This gamepass allows you to build basements. It costs 100 Robux.

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