How to Accept Group Request on Roblox

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After making a group, the next step is managing it. To do that, you are able to click the Groups link which is located in the left hand menu of the page. From here, you will be able to see the group activity and the group control panel. By the way, how to accept group requests? To find out that information, please read this entire article.


This page will give you the tools you need to manage your groups’ settings. The members with a higher rank which allowed them to have certain authority will be able to see and change the settings.


At the top of the page, you are able to see the Group Image and Description. Remember that the images go through moderation, so you have to ensure they follow the Image Guidelines. Your Group Description must be something that defines what your group is about. On the right is the Group Entry settings. You are able to set it to Anyone joining or Manual Approval. When set to Manual Approval, you have to approve new users before they are able to be in the group. Also, you are able to change the group owner if you do not want to run the group any longer. Type in a name and hit ‘Make Owner’. When they accept the position you are going to become a member and they are going to become the Owner. For someone to become the owner of a group, they need to have a current Builders Club membership.


This panel let you tweak the user settings. You are going to see a list of all the different users and their rank setting. If you want to change their rank, you are able to click on the drop down menu and choose the rank you want them to have. Also, you are able to see the red Exile User button under their name. This will boost the user from the group.


If you have group joining set to Manual Approval you will see a list of people who want to join your group. You are going to see their username, if they have BC, when they ask to join and big buttons to accept or decline them. Up at the top is a search bar. If you have a specific friend who you asked to join, you are able to look for their requests using that search. At the bottom of the list are two big Accept ALL and Decline ALL buttons. They do what they say, either allow all the requests or deny all the requests.


When the group’s creator first makes the group, the group is given four different ranks by default that can be changed later by either editing the name of the rank or simply adding more ranks.

  • Guest “a non-group member.”
  • Member “a regular group member.”
  • Admin “group administrator.”
  • Owner “the group’s owner.”

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