How to Build a Upstairs in Bloxburg

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For those who want to build a upstairs in Bloxburg, you need the gamepass called Multiple Floors. The Multiple Floors is able to let you build maximum to three floors, as well as allowing you to make your house even more awesome. In addition, this one  also will give you access to the second and third floors, compared to only 1. If you want to purchase it, you need to spend 300 Robux.

Aside from the gamepass named Multiple Floors, you also need to get the roof and the stair. The roofs are known as the structures forming an upper covering on buildings in Bloxburg. They are able to be purchased in Build Mode. The price of them are based on the size of a 1×1 tile in the Build Mode. It means it will increase in price depending on the amount of tiles the roof takes up in Build Mode. Roofs as the Version 0.8.5, players are able to adjust the overhang, pitch, and height of roofs.

On top of that, they are also able to place items on roofs, which can allow for roofs to be used as flooring most of the time. Here is the list of roofs that you can purchase:

  1. Flat Roof: $6
  2. Pyramid Roof: $10
  3. Hip Roof: $11
  4. Flat Glass Roof: $12
  5. Gable Roof: $12
  6. Slanted Roof: $13
  7. Gambrel Roof: $15
  8. Mansard Roof: $16
  9. Curved Roof: $18
  10. Pyramid Glass Roof: $20
  11. Hollow Mansard Roof: $22
  12. Mansard Skylight Roof: $32

Stairs refer to a variety of items that allow players to ascend floors in a house. They can be bought in Build Mode. Added in Version 0.8.5, players are now able to place a variety of wall objects on stairs. In addition, they are also able to place fences onto stairs in order to create railings and increase the height of elevators by using the hotkey B/N or PC devices. Here are the options of the stairs:

  1. Standard Ladder: $230
  2. Plain Ramp: $250
  3. Plain Stairs: $300
  4. Left Plain L-Stairs: $350
  5. Right Plain L-Stairs: $350
  6. Left Plain U-Stairs: $400
  7. Right Plain U-Stairs: $400
  8. Classic Ramp: $500
  9. Classic Stairs: $600
  10. Long Plain Ramp: $700
  11. Left Classic L-Stairs: $700
  12. Right Classic L-Stairs: $700
  13. Left Classic U-Stairs: $800
  14. Right Classic U-Stairs: $800
  15. Attitude Stairs: $900
  16. Recessed Stairs: $900
  17. Carpeted Stairs: $1,000
  18. Left Recessed L-Stairs: $1,000
  19. Right Recessed L-Stairs: $1,000
  20. Left Carpeted L-Stairs: $1,100
  21. Right Carpeted L-Stairs: $1,100
  22. Left Recessed U-Stairs: $1,100
  23. Right Recessed U-Stairs: $1,100
  24. Left Carpeted U-Stairs: $1,200
  25. Right Carpeted U-Stairs: $1,200
  26. Left Plain C-Stairs: $1,200
  27. Right Plain C-Stairs: $1,200
  28. Classic Spiral Stairs: $1,300
  29. Long Classic Ramp: $,1,400
  30. Left Suspended Stairs: $1,450
  31. Right Suspended Stairs: $1,450
  32. Modern Stairs: $1,500
  33. Left Classic C-Stairs: $1,600
  34. Right Classic C-Stairs: $1,600
  35. Left Modern Classic L-Stairs: $1,600
  36. Right Modern Classic L-Stairs: $1,600
  37. Etc.

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