How to Buy a Prebuilt House in Bloxburg

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Houses are the main buildings of Welcome to Bloxburg game. Apparently, there are many types of houses. From pre-built neighborhood houses to mansions, to custom built buildings, these buildings are going to contain your necessities.

There are five prebuilt homes available in Welcome To Bloxburg. If you want to buy a prebuilt house in Bloxburg, you may need to know some information about them. Well, in this article, we are going to share types of prebuilt houses in Bloxburg and the way to buy it.



This house is free when you first start the game of Welcome To Bloxburg. But, the next time you buy this house, it will cost $7,500. The Happy Home of Robloxia has the basic necessities. It means that the items in this home will not do much for your stats, or skills. This home is small and only has 1 bedroom with a dresser, a small kitchen, basic living room, and small bathroom.


This house has a porch, inside is a fairly big living room, with several bookshelves, a TV, 1 sofa and 1 armchair. Actually, the design of the Cozy Cottage is similar to the design of the Happy Home of Robloxia, with a modern and rustic theme. The kitchen is medium but not too big. The bathroom is small, but has all necessities, so with the kitchen. There are 2 bedrooms, which one is long in terms of size, but it is not huge. It has 1 bed, an armchair, an alarm clock and a closet. In the other one is a walk-in closet, a bathroom in that bedroom, and a bed. It costs $20,000.


The Peaceful Living is a house with a peaceful, suburban theme. The rooms of this house are much bigger than the Cozy Cottage and the Happy Home of Robloxia’s room. Also, Peaceful Living is the cheapest pre-built house to have a garage. It costs $50,000.


The Classic Family Home is a large, mini-mansion style home containing a large bedroom and living room, as well as a spacious kitchen with granite countertops, and a large garage for vehicles. It costs $75,000.


The Small Suburban is the second most expensive pre-built house in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. This house has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a fenced in outside, it is based on suburban houses in the United States and Canada. It costs $85,000.


This is the largest and most expensive pre-built house in the game. Also, being the only prebuilt house to have an outer wall, it boasts an amazing amount of rooms. It has modeled villas you can find in Spain, Italy, or California. It costs $200,000


  • At the first step, you need to decide which prebuilt house you want to buy.
  • Then, you are able to click at the buy house slot.
  • Please ensure that you have enough blockbuk. If you do not have enough Blockbuk, you are able to buy Blockbuk first at Blockbuk shop. For example, you will buy 2500 Blockbuk for R$700. Please click the Buy Now button.
  • Now, you are able to select a prebuilt house to buy.

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