How to Buy Robux Gift Card Sent to Email

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On some websites, you are able to buy a Roblox Gift Card for getting Robux. Then, it will be sent to email. One of the sites is the Dundle site. Here, you are able to buy a Roblox Gift Card online. Then, the code will be delivered instantly by email.

In that site, you are to buy a gift card online and then you are able to easily redeem it for Robux or for a premium subscription. They claim that this Roblox Game Card will permit you to purchase your own Robux safely. The e-gift card code will be sent instantly to your inbox and it is redeemable in seconds. So, you will not have to wait and also you do not have to break out the credit card.

Buying your Roblox Card online is simple. You have more than 63 different payment methods to choose from. You just have to choose the amount of the game credit that you want. After payment, you will receive your gift card code instantly by email. If you face any issues or if you have questions, there is a customer service team of Dundle that will be happy to help you.

When you buy a Gift Card online to make your gift card code sent to your email, you have to be careful because there are some websites who may try to fool you. So, you have to make sure that you buy the online gift card in trusted websites/ marketplaces.

According to Roblox website, you are able to buy Roblox game cards at your local retailers and online stores. Some stores which sell it are Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and some others. Roblox Game Cards are available  in two types and those are:

  • Credit. It is real money value for purchasing Robux or Memberships.
  • Robux. It is virtual currency which is added to the account balance and it is only available at

If you want to redeem Credit or Robux on your account, here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • First, you have to make sure that you log into your Roblox account on a browser.
  • After that, you have to access the Game Card Redemption Page.
  • In this step, you need to enter the PIN from the Game Card.
  • Now, you have to choose Redeem to add the Credit or Robux to your account.
  • Then, you will be able to see a success message which will appear when you successfully add the Credit to your account.
  • Here, you have to click Use Credit to use your credit
  • If you want to redeem another game card, you are able to click Close to close the message.

It is important for you to know that if you are facing problems redeeming a PIN that contains a 0 or a 1, you are able to try replacing these with the uppercase letters O and I.

Well, hopefully it can help you in buying and using Roblox Gift Card online and offline. So, good luck for you, guys!

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