How to Buy VIP on Roblox

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In Roblox, you are able to compete for VIP status by playing member-created flash games. Because the individual Roblox players make the games, it is the creator that awards VIP status at each game level. Also, the creator of the game establishes how to become a VIP, that usually includes purchasing an individual item, such as a virtual T-shirt, for your avatar.


You need to log in to your member account on the Roblox home page. Then, you must be logged in to receive VIP status. Please select a game that offers VIP status. After that, you have to click on the “Games” tab in the upper toolbar to search for games. Once you have selected a game, you are able to click on the game’s title to be redirected to the details page. Please read the description of the game in the right-hand text box. You are going to find directions on how to become a VIP of the game. In some cases, you are going to be sent to a link that asks you to purchase an item, such as a user-generated T-shirt. Purchase the VIP accessory for the sale price. VIP shirts may be purchased with Robux.

Becoming a VIP is going to often give you special powers in the game, such as extra equipment or skills not available to other players. The games that have the words “Read desc” (short for “read description”) in the title usually offer a VIP status in the game. For note: If a player offers to give you multiple VIP status for every game on Roblox, the offer is a scam.


VIP is a feature that lots of users who own a place use to add special benefits for certain users who have already acquired a certain object and are wearing it in-game at that place. Usually, the users must pay a certain price for acquiring the object in order to use the special benefits associating to the place. The most common objects to become a VIP for a certain game includes the T-shirt. Benefits for acquiring or using the item to a game includes access to a VIP room, that can include very special items, teleports, and access to special items not normally obtained by other players. Now, the game passes are much more commonly used than VIP shirts.


  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Gear
  • Game Passes


A VIP room is a room where only someone with a VIP T-shirt or VIP Game Pass who can enter. If you do not have it, usually you die when walking into the door. In others, you just cannot enter, for example, you get teleported outside the door. Some things commonly found in VIP rooms include:

  • Face Boards
  • Morphs
  • Path Givers
  • Super Jump Tool
  • Teleport Tool
  • Run Tool
  • A Sword Giver
  • A Gun Giver
  • A Badge
  • Gravity Coil/Super Gravity Coil
  • Fly Tool

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