How to Change Keybinds in Roblox

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What do you think about the keybinds now that you are using in Roblox? Do you like it? You may like it. But, sometimes you may also want to change it to feel a different experience. So, how to be able to change keybinds in Roblox? Here, we will explain about it.

First, let’s see what keybinding is. According to Your Dictionary site, keybinding is defined as a key or pattern of keys which when it is pressed, it will cause something to happen. In Roblox, you are able to see the keybinds by accessing the menu button.

Here are the steps that you have to do.

  • First, you must click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • From the screen, you are able to make some mouse adjustments. If the developer has not set the camera mode for the game, you have the ability to toggle between two modes and turn on/ off Shift Lock. Also, you are able to  set the movement mode of your avatar.
  • If you want to view the Roblox mouse and keyboard controls or keybinds, you are able to click on Help.

You are able to set or adjust the mouse and the movement mode of your avatar in that menu. But, Roblox also offers some options for you to be able to customize game controls or keybinds. They include built-in control schemes for both computers and mobile devices along with the ability to write custom scripts for almost any imaginable control system.

Built-in Controls

In Roblox, some common control schemes are included directly and they can make you change the controls of the game with a few clicks. Here are the steps to change the controls or keybinds.

  • In the Explorer window, you must access the Starter Player object.
  • Then, in the Properties window, you must find the Mobile and Controls sections. If you use these options, you are able to easily set your game’s controls to the default schemes.

Computer Controls

If you want to set the game controls on desktop / laptop computers, you can do it by changing the value of Controls → DevComputerMovementMode.

Mobile Controls

On mobile devices such as phones and tablets, the controls for Roblox games can be set by changing the value of Controls → DevTouchMovementMode.

Mouse Lock (Computer)

If you turn on Controls → EnableMouseLockOption, you are able to press the Shift key to toggle between “mouse look” modes. When toggled on during gameplay via Shift, you are able to look around by simply moving the mouse. When toggled off, you have to hold down the right mouse button to look around.

Auto-Jump (Mobile)

Auto-jump is enabled by default on mobile devices. It means that you will automatically jump across gaps, onto and off high platforms, etc. If you want to disable it and force you to use the jump button, you are able to uncheck Mobile → AutoJumpEnabled.

In case you set the DevTouchMovementMode to ClickToMove, you will see that auto-jump will always occur if you tap to be able to reach a location where a jump is both possible and important.

Full Customization

If you want to script your own control scheme, set both DevComputerMovementMode and DevTouchMovementMode to Scriptable. If you this, you will keep the built-in camera behavior intact while allowing you to design your own controls for computer, mobile, and console.

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