How to Change the Color of Your Car in Bloxburg 2020

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If you come to this page to find out the information about how to change the color of your car in Bloxburg, apparently you are at the right page. Here, we are going to share the way to change the color of your car in Bloxburg. So, you do not go anywhere and make sure that you do not miss any information.


The Paint tool is used to paint the items in Build Mode. Currently, it includes over 60 different materials and over 250 colours. You have to note that the colours may change after you change the material. For your information, all colours used in the Paint Tool’s palette are from Roblox’s predefined list of colors known as BrickColors. For a list of all available BrickColors, you are able to go to the Roblox Developer Hub.


You are able to use the ‘Quick Paint’ shortcut to paint objects faster. At the first step, you have to paint an object. Then, you have to hold down the shift. Clicking another object is going to repeat the last used color and material combination as long as shift is held down. For your information, this Quick Paint feature has been added to Macs in June 2019. Another way to Quick Paint is to paint the first object, then you are able to go onto the second object you want to paint. After that, you are able to press on the item you painted beforehand.


To change the color of your car in Bloxburg, you are able to use ‘Quick paint’ tool. When you want to change your blue car in Bloxburg to be a purple car, easily you are able to use this Quick paint tool. You have to know that ‘Quick paint’ is a good and fastest way to paint. To use this tool, you are able to click on your car and paint it. You have to click the check mark. After that, you need to hold the CTRL button to paint the other cars. Remember that the system is going to copy your last used materials.


In addition, here we will also share some cars in Bloxburg. Here are they:

  • Noobus Superior

This is a flagship vehicle in Bloxburg that consists of four seats, a nice inside, and a tiny dabbing noob in the hood of the car. It cost $170,000.

  • Roat 500

This is a small car in Bloxburg. You can use this car to transport one to different locations around Bloxburg. It cost $18,000.

  • Bloxavor 4×4

This is a powerful off road 4×4 from Bloxavor. You will be able to drive absolutely anywhere. It cost $90,000.

  • Bloxai Voyage

This car has four seats and spacious design. It is really perfect for your family. It cost $25,000.

  • Golf Cart

This car consists of two seats in the front, and two seats in the back. It has a huge window in the front, and does not consist of any doors. It cost $65,000.

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