How to Get a Default House in Bloxburg

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Welcome to Bloxburg’s house building system allows the players of Bloxburg to place furniture, walls, windows, vehicles and more on the players’ house so that the players can make their own unique and original home.

By default, you can only build on the first floor. The Multiple floors gamepass will let you build up to the 5 floors, and the basement gamepass will let you build one floor underground that totals 6 floors in your plot. Also, you can set house permissions for people they want to block or allow access into your house.


Every few game days, you have to pay house bills. If you fail to pay house bills on time, your electricity and water will be shut off, disabling you from using anything of that nature until your bills are paid. Of course, your bills price depends on the value of your home. Make sure that the bills do not stack. Also, you are able to pay your house bills automatically by going to Options in the Main Menu and selecting “Automatically Pay Bills: Off/On”.


There are six prebuilt homes available in Welcome To Bloxburg. If you want to get a prebuilt house in Bloxburg, you may need to know some information about them.


The Empty Plot is a bare, as one can tell from the name, it is only an empty plot.


It is free when you first start the game of Roblox Bloxburg. For the next time, you can  buy it for $7,500. This house is small and only has 1 bedroom, a small kitchen, small bathroom and basic living room.


This house has 1 bed, the armchair, the alarm clock and a closet. In the other one is a walk-in closet, a bathroom in that bedroom, and a bed. It costs $20,000.


The Peaceful Living is a house with a peaceful (Suburban theme). The rooms of this house are much bigger than Cozy Cottage and Happy Home of Robloxia’s room. Besides, this Peaceful Living is the cheapest pre-built house to have a garage. It costs $50,000.


It is a large, mini mansion style home which contains a large bedroom and living room, as well as a kitchen with granite countertops, and a large garage for your vehicles. It costs $75,000.


This Small Suburban is the second most expensive pre-built house available in Bloxburg. For your information, this house has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a fenced in outside, it is based on suburban houses in the United States and Canada. It costs $85,000.


You have to know that it is the largest and most expensive pre-built house in Bloxburg. Also, it is the only prebuilt house to have an outer wall. In fact, it has modeled villas you will be able to find in Spain, Italy, or California. It costs $200,000.

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