How to Get Aquarium Hat on Roblox

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Aquarium hat is a hat that was published by Roblox on April 16, 2018 into the avatar shop. It is categorized into Adventure and Town and City genres. With this, it is able to declare the age of the aquarium officially. Now,let the sunshine in as you party on to the seventh house.


It is a clear box aquarium filled with blue pebbles, aquarium decorations and some fish. There are many Roblox players who have owned this Aquarium hat.


Aquarium¬†hats¬†have been obtained as a prize during the Atlantis event. Since January 28, 2019, it has been favorited 6,436 times. During the Atlantis event in SharkBite, the players had to be the first person to collect a treasure chest during the Chest Chase round to get the Aquarium Hat. For your information, Atlantis event was a sponsored event on Roblox that started on April 17, 2018 and ended May 1. There were 6 prizes to get which could be found in three different games. The event is sponsored by McDonald’s Happy Meal, with the phrase ‘Balance Your Fun!’


As we explain above, the Aquarium hats have been obtained as a prize during the Atlantis event in SharkBite. Now, you may want to know more about the game of SharkBite. You have to know that the game of SharkBite is a survival game made by Abracadabra. The aim of the game is to kill the Shark as a Survivor, or kill the Survivors as the Shark. You will be able to earn credits by winning rounds that can be used to purchase the new Ships or new Sharks. Also, the game has a few Roblox Toys based on the game. One of the toys gives you a Frog Boat, which is not obtainable otherwise. So far, the game of SharkBite was featured in the Atlantis event and the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time event.

By the way, how about the gameplay of Roblox SharkBite. As we know that SharkBite is a survival game where you have to kill the shark as a Survivor or kill the Survivors as the Shark. After intermission time is up, randomly someone will be chosen as the shark and Survivors will have 10 seconds to get ready before the shark spawns. After the shark is killed, the round is going to end and the remaining survivors will get 20 credits.

If the shark is not killed yet and there are remaining players, the survivors will still win. But, if the shark kills all the players, the shark will win. Also, the players are able to invite the players to their boat or join the player’s boat if invited. In the game, there are bonus Rounds. The bonus rounds are the rounds that will spawn two sharks instead of just one shark. There are 4 game modes for bonus rounds. Viral Infection When the shark kills you, you become a shark as well, and the last person remaining wins.

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