How to Get Crafting Skill in Bloxburg

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There are a number of activities that you are able to do in Bloxburg. One of them is getting or leveling up your skill. There are 8 skills in the game including athletic, cooking, gaming, gardening, intelligence, music, painting, and writing. Actually, there are also two other skills including Programming and Crafting but these skills are not implemented yet.

You may be curious about the crafting skill which is not implemented yet in the game. Usually, people are curious how it will be and what kind of things that we will do to get or level up the skill of crafting.

There is speculation about how this crafting skill will be. Here is the speculation of this skill.

  • In the community, it seems that this skill will involve creating furniture by using a crafting bench or tools. Then, the furniture that we have created could be added to the inventory of players for later use.
  • If you are able to make unique furniture, it can be obtained through crafting. It means that items that you craft with this skill cannot be bought in Build Mode.
  • If you do not have a lot of money, you can use this crafting skill to create furniture at a lower cost, thus being a great money-saver tool.
  • The activities of crafting may be a repairing skill and the same as Sims game, you could be able to repair broken appliances with varying levels of success results.
  • If we see the trophy, it seems that the crafting could require a screwdriver and the same tools.
  • This crafting skill may be scrapped in development altogether.

Well, these statements are just speculation from the community. We do not really know how this skill will be. Just wait for this skill to come to the game.

If you are able to max out to level 10 in a skill in the game, you will be awarded a trophy that can be placed or sold. Some of you may have not tried to get or level up skills in the Bloxburg game. So, here we serve you some information about each of the available skills in Bloxburg.

  • Athletic

This skill is able to be gained by buying and using various items in the Training and Garden sections of Build Mode.

  • Cooking

With this skill, you can cook various meals and dishes. If you can cook more dishes, you can get a higher rank of skill.

  • Gaming

This skill can be gained by using a computer and playing Phantom Forces, Pong or Bloxbourne. Or, you can get this skill by using an arcade cabinet to play Rotris.

  • Gardening

This skill permits you to take care of your gardens.

  • Intelligence

This skill can be earned by reading. You are able to read a book through bookcases and book piles. You can also read the news on a computer.

  • Music

This skill can be earned by buying and playing various instruments.

  • Painting

This skill can be gained by buying a Painting Stand from Decorations and choose the paint action.

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