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The Crystallized Iron is a special ore which has a chance of dropping when mining iron ore. It is only able to be received upon breaking a rock entirely. The Crystallized Iron can never be obtained when reducing an iron node to its halfway point. Based on the research, it has a 2% (1 in 50) chance of dropping when breaking an iron rock.

Usually, Crystallized Iron is used to craft the Iron War Axe, that requires three crystallized iron to craft. Also, it can be used to craft the Vending Machine, which requires one of them to craft. Aside from that, Crystallized Iron can be used to craft the Basic Sprinkler, which requires one to craft.

This Crystallized Iron has an extremely high demand upon release, although not being as rare as other items such as the Torch, Test Totem, Buffalkor Crystal, or the Pink Sticky Gear, but it is able to be sold for a good amount of coins. This Crystallized Iron has a similar model and color with a Buffalkor Crystal, resulting in scammers try to fake Crystallized Iron as a Buffalkor Crystal. However, this does not apply to vending machines which display the name of a sold item.

Well, in this article, we are going to share how to get Crystallized Iron in Skyblock which is a newly added item to the game that can be used to create a new weapon. If you want to get its way, please read the text below.


To get Crystallized Iron, you only need to mine iron nodes which either spawn at the mine, Buffalkor Island, Slime Island, or from a totem at your or someone else’s base. You have to note that it is a very rare drop and will take a long time to farm. You will need to mine a bunch of the iron veins to get one. You will not know that an iron node has a Crystallized Iron in it until you mine it. The only method you will know if you have gotten it is to watch the bottom right of your screen where it tells you what you have already collected. Also, you are able to check your inventory if you have been mining mindlessly and not paying attention because you may get one without realizing it. The best method to get it is to set up multiple Iron Totems on your island and just mine iron over and over until you have as much as you want.


Right now there is only really one use for Crystallized Iron. You are able to use it at an Anvil to make an Iron War Axe. The Crystallized Iron is an upgrade to the wooden sword weapon. The Iron War Axe requires that you have 3x Crystallized Iron, 40x Iron and 1x Steel Rod to create. This is a ton of iron you will need to get, so having multiple totems are going to be a good way to get it.

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