How to Get Good at Arsenal Roblox

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If you are looking to increase your skill level in Roblox Arsenal, we have got a bunch of tips and tricks on how to get good at Roblox Arsenal. These strategies should have you increasing your placements.

Here is list of tips and tricks that you can use to get good at Roblox Arsenal:


You will be able to do this in the Settings area of Arsenal under Display. Please pick a color that does not show up often on any of the maps. You are able to use a bright pink crosshair, because this shows up well on all backgrounds. In other games we have seen people opt for a bright green which stands out pretty well. The whole point of this is making sure it never blends into the background so you will be able to see it clearly at all times. This will help you know where you are firing at when you are shooting.


Cover is anything which gets in the way of your opponents’ gunfire getting at you. So, that could be a box, wall, car, or anything else that you can keep in front of you that will block bullets. You are able to use this when you are reloading or if you have a weapon that fires slowly. Please show yourself when you are ready to fire at them, as anytime you are out in the open and cannot shoot you are just a defenseless target.


You have to note that the high ground is incredibly important in shooting games. This is because once you fire down at an enemy, they are able to target part of you where you are able to target all of them. You are partially blocked by the surface you are on, so it creates it harder for them to shoot you. If it is quickly and safely available, you should always try to get higher than your enemy. Another reason to use high ground is because it is the best for sneaking up on an enemy. You are able to use this to more easily get a melee or golden melee elimination.


A great key to surviving after a fight is to pick up the green bottle which drops from the enemy you took out. This is going to heal you up some and get you back into fighting shape. We have noticed the health does not always pick up when we walk over it, so you have to really ensure m to kind of pause on it to make sure it picks up.


It is very important to have a general sense of how weapons work. Apparently, there are many types of weapons that you can use on the game such as pistols, shotguns and Rifles.


The true key to win in Roblox Arsenal is knowing the spawn locations of each map. You are going to pick these up in time, but you need to understand there are only a certain amount of spots people will spawn. Usually, the enemy players are going to only spawn away from you and your teammates.

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