How to Get Swarmer in Tower Defense Simulator

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For those who want to get the Swarmer in Tower Defense Simulator, you are able to find out its way from this article. Make sure that you do not miss any information.


The Swarmer is an event tower which was added in on April 6th, 2020 in light of Spring and the Egg Hunt. It is able to be got by triumphing Eggy Island on Hard mode or paying 350 Robux. The Swarmer wears a beekeeper’s suit without the helmet at base level. It throws a glop of honey at zombies that swarms the target with bees.

When a zombie is covered in bees it is going to start shaking its head quickly and flail their arms around, representing shooing away the bees. At level 4+, it gets an ability that covers multiple zombies in bees. The Swarmer has no hidden detection, however it can hit hidden zombies with its ability if there are other zombies next to those hidden zombies.


Swarmer throws beehives at the zombies. It does no damage on the initial hit. However, the target is going to be covered in the bees that deal Damage over Time (labeled as Bee Damage at a current interval and labeled as Tick for a current amount of time). Also, Swarmer will not target a zombie if it is already covered in bees, functioning much like a Pyromancer. Multiple Swarmers may attack a zombie that is not covered in bees at the same time, successfully stacking the status effect in the process. In addition, the Swarmer’s bees ignore Shield, making it an amazing candidate for taking down Templar.


  • It observed to be viable in Molten from waves 1-4
  • Some maxed Swarmers placed right by the entrance will be able to defeat easily the waves 16-24 in Fallen as long as there is backup to take care of hidden zombies.
  • The Swarmer works better against crowds of zombies, due to its DPS is directly multiplied by the total amount of status stacks that has afflicted.


  • The upgrade of Bee Gun is a reference to the weapon in Terraria called as the Bee Gun. Both weapons function similarly, shooting out the bees.
  • The description of the Swarmer that is “Oh No the Bees” is a reference to a line by Nicholas Cage in his popular film (The Wicker Man).
  • Because of the Swarmer’s mechanics, a final damage per hit metric is more interesting to look at than pure DPS. It will deal 3, 5, 5, 5, 24 and 128 damage per hit at levels 0 to 5.
  • Visually, the model of Swarmer is based on the Swarmer zombie and Beekeeper Suit from Reason 2 Die: Awakening as well as the effect which occurs when the opponents are being attacked by bees. Functionally, it is similar to the Beekeeper from another Roblox Tower Defense Simulator game, Aether Rush.

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