How to Get the Admin Skin and the Ban Hammer in Arsenal

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When you come to this page, you may want to find out the information about how to get the Admin Skin and the Ban Hammer in Roblox Arsenal. Apparently, you are at the right page, here we are going to talk about that. Make sure you do not go anywhere and do not miss any information.

Before we proceed, let us tell you the story of why the Admin skin was added into the game. We are sure that some of you do not know about that information. Based on the research, before the Halloween update, a scam appeared in all servers of Roblox Arsenal. The scam consisted of this GUI prompting you to buy the gamepass which promises to give you “Admin” for Arsenal. Everyone playing Arsenal would randomly get this pop up. Most people were warned and told not to buy it since it is a scam.

However, there were a lot of people who bought the gamepass (More than 1000+ people). So, to compensate for it, Rolve decided to add a couple of rewards for whoever was scammed because of the gamepass. The people who bought the gamepass got the rewards, but now the gamepass is not available to be bought through Arsenal. However, there is a way to get the gamepass and its rewards. As we promise, in this article, we are going to share that information.

We get information that the gamepass has 1000+ sales and the person who did the scam in Arsenal got banned from Roblox. Now, try to buy the gamepass. After that, you are able to rejoin Arsenal and you are going to have the Admin skin and the Ban Hammer melee. This is a way to get the Admin skin and the ban hammer in Roblox Arsenal. Please remember that the Admin skin is not available now. For this case, you are able to use other gamepasses in Roblox Arsenal. If you want to see the Admin Skin, you are able to click this link;

The Admin Gamepass was a gamepass that caused an incident on September 28, 2019, the same day when the September Update was out. A backdoor plugin was put into Arsenal, where the players were complaining of a pop up being spammed on their screen for a couple minutes. This caused the update to be reverted for the day until Rolve could figure out the source of the problem. After some reports; the creator of the gamepass, YouTellMe_Studio was terminated from Roblox and his group, Epic Group For Epic People was locked.

The players who purchased the fake gamepass for 80 R$ were rewarded the Ban Hammer melee, Hammer kill effect, and Banned kill effect in the Halloween Update. Lots of players purchased the gamepass after it was revealed that there were exclusive rewards for buying the scam gamepass. Soon afterward, the gamepass was changed to 100,000,000 Robux by a ROBLOX administrator making it unobtainable to normal players. It was Castlers’ approach trying to remove it.

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