How to Get the Beelzebub and Manic Skins in Arsenal

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In Arsenal games in Roblox, skins are the various characters that you are able to buy from the shop, earn in crates or get from redeeming Twitter codes. They are cosmetic choice and one of the few incentives to playing this game. Do you want to get Beelzebub and Manic Skins in Arsenal? Here we will give you a guide to get these skins.

If you want to get the Beelzebub and Manic skins, you are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do to get the Beelzebub & Manic skins is that you have to play in the Height Frights map. If you have a VIP server for Arsenal, it will be easier since then the map can just be set. But, you are able to jump into a game of Arsenal to check the map if it is not the Height Frights map. You are able to close out of the game and then join another one. You can repeat this process until you end up in the Height Frights map.
  • Now, you have to collect five skulls which are able to be found throughout the map. Here is the list of the exact locations.

1st skull: Hay Bails Near Bathroom

You are able to find some hay bails with a skull near them right on the side of the restroom area near the Ferris Wheel.

2nd skull: Side of Ferris Wheel

You can find the second skull in the corner on the outside of the stairs which lead to the Ferris Wheel.

3rd skull: Middle of Map Near Small Building

You are able to find a skull in the bright white-ish building in the middle of the map.

4th skull: Pinpoint Shooting Gallery

You can find the 4th skullĀ  right in the window of Pinpoint Shooting Gallery where you would do your target practice.

5th skull: Upper Rollercoaster Area

In this stage, you will be required to run up the rollercoaster track and then you have to get the candleit room. If you see candles in the windows of it, you know that you are going to the right place. You have to run up there and you will find a skull in the middle of the wall that faces out towards the map. It is important for you to know that you have to avoid the rollercoaster since if it runs into you, it will take you out.

  • If you have collected those five skulls, then you have to access the very tall building where the rollercoaster runs through. You will see there is a red circle with candles around it. If you have arrived there, go to the circle. If you are on mobile, tap on it and if you use PC, you can hit the E key on your keyboard to begin the ritual and get the badge and skins.

You are able to try to get these skins now by following the steps above carefully. So, good luck!

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