How to Get the Megaphone in Arsenal

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In this article, we are taking a look at what you need to do to get the megaphone emote in Arsenal. This is an interesting little item which will offer you to play custom sounds from a variety of options in the Roblox audio library. It is a bit confusing to get working, so we have also got information on how to use it.


You have to know that the megaphone can be obtained in two different ways:

The first way is that you are able to purchase it directly from the daily shop. Each day the shop rotates in new items that can be bought with in-game currency. You can obtain the money by playing the games and completing the quests.

For your information, the quests are able to be found in the main menu under the little flag icon, and then you are given a new one each day. In other cases, if you do not like one of the quests, so you are able to use the X to delete it but you will not get a new quest to replace it until the next day. The megaphone is going to set you back 1,800 BattleBucks, that can take a while to collect if you are not completing quests.

The second way to get the Megaphone in Arsenal is a bit more random. You are able to go to the shop and then hit the Cases option at the top of the menu. There are three different cases you are able to buy, the one you want is the Flair Case.

Currently, it costs 600 BattleBucks for each but you have a random chance to obtain a Kill Effect, Emote, or Announcer. As we know that the megaphone is an emote. So, that is what you wish to get. It is much better to only save your BattleBucks if you really want the megaphone because that is the guaranteed way of getting it.


To use the megaphone, first you will need to equip it into your emotes slots. At the main menu, you have to hit the Locker option and you are going to see a bunch of emote slots. Then, you have to click one of the empty boxes or one of the emotes you no longer want to use and select the megaphone option. Also, you are going to notice after you have selected the megaphone that you can add a Megaphone Sound ID. This will play whatever sound you choose from the Roblox sound library. To do that, you are able to go into Roblox and find the audio library. Please select one of the sounds you want to play via the Megaphone and look at the link.

You need to copy the ID number for that particular sound. Please copy that number and paste it into the spot which says “Insert ID Here” in Arsenal. Next, you are able to hit enter or click on the green arrow next to that field to verify your selection. When you are in a game on PC you are able to hit the G key or hit the face icon on mobile. Then, it will play whatever sound you have selected in the game.

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