How to get the Propeller in SkyBlox Roblox

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Skyblock has another large update. This time they have added fishing to the game. Along with this are some new items you are able to craft, and some of them require you to acquire a Propeller. In this article, we are going to take a look at exactly what you need to do to get the Propeller in SkyBlox.

The way to get a Propeller is by fishing at the fish pond which can be found on vendor island through the purple portal on your island!


You are going to need to craft a fishing rod to go fishing. Please go to your workstation and you will be able to craft one. It will only cost you 10x wood. It is an easy recipe, so you will not need to be very far in the game to create it.


You are able to craft fishing bait that will increase your luck and must give you a better chance to get rare items. Each bait is going to require you to have 3x carrots to craft, so you may want to think about starting a carrot farm if you have not already.


Please head through the purple portal on your island to the vendor island. Then, you have to go to the left of the crop and seed vendors and you are going to see a pool of water. Please equip your fishing pole and look for a fish in the pond. You will need to be fairly close to it. When you are you are able to click and you will cast out your line. If it is close enough to the fish, it is going to swim over to it, and your bobber will start spinning. After you see bubbles start to shootout, you are able to click again and you reel in a fish or item. If you want to use your bait, we are sure you need to have it on your toolbar to use it.

Now, you only need to continue to fish until you reel in a Propeller. It has a random chance if you will get one, so you may get lucky and obtain one on your first cast, or you will just have to fish for a while. The propeller is used to make an Industrial Washing Station that will wash oily crops for you.


The Propeller is an item which can be obtained by fishing. The chance to get a Propeller while you are fishing is 0.1%. But, if Bait is applied, the chances can rise to 0.2-0.25%. The Propeller is only used to craft the Industrial Washing Station. Although the Propeller is an object and not a fish, but Bait still increases the chance to get one. Currently, this item is the rarest chance item, with the Buffalkor Crystal second with a 0.2% chance. The Propeller and the Pearl are the only items with their chances boosted using the Fish Bait.

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