How to Get the Wendigo Skin in Arsenal

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Apparently, Roblox’s Arsenal has come out with a new update for Summer 2002. With this new one has come a lot of graphical overhauls to the game with some polishing to the menus, new weapons, and some new skins.

While most of the skins are able to be purchased in the shop, you are able to get yourself the Cryptid Wendigo skin for free by completing a couple of fairly easy to do instructions in the game. You will be shown how it is done in this guide.

The first thing that you have to do to obtain the Wendigo skin is to play in the Dizzy map. If you or your friend have a VIP Server for Arsenal then it will be a whole lot easier. However, you are able to jump into the game of Arsenal in order to check the map, if it is not the Dizzy one.

Then you are able to close out of the game and join another one. Please repeat this process until you end up in the Dizzy map. Now that you are here, you will have to go to the underground area of the map. This one is able to be accessed in the middle of the map by falling down in-between the two planks that cover it, or via the garage area that is near the wooden ramp. Once you are in the underground area, please look for the skill of a steer.

Once you find that skull, the next thing that you have to do is to interact with it by pressing E on your keyboard or tap on it if you are on a mobile device. If everything has been done properly, the screen will be tinted red. Now, you will have to stay on this server or play another game on Dizzy. Please keep in mind that it cannot be this one and it has to be another round of Dizzy on the same server. In case you are on a VIP Server, you are able to easily just make a new game on Dizzy. However, if you are doing it on a public server, you will have to just hope Dizzy gets voted for again on.

Once you are on Dizzy again, you just have to get a single elimination in order to gain the Wendigo badge and get the skin. You need to just go into your locker, hit character, and find it here to equip it. In case you had any trouble following this guide of getting Wendigo skin in Arsenal, please check out the video on Youtube. The video of how to get the Wendigo skin and badge in Arsenal was shared by Premiumsalad RBLX on June 20, 2020. Since the first time its release, it has earned 21,522 views and 312 likes. If you have any questions, it is better for you to join the Discord of Premiumsalad RBLX. Aside from that, you can also leave a comment under the video.

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