How to Level Up Programming Skill Bloxburg

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Programming is one of the skills in Bloxburg which is not implemented yet. However, there are a lot of people who are curious how this skill will be including how to level up the skill in the game. Other skills can be gained by various activities related to the skill. For example, intelligence skill can be gained by reading books or news. How about Programming.

Since Programming does not come yet in the game, however there is speculation about how this skill will be. Here is the speculation about Programming skill.

  • Programming is an activity related to computer. So, it seems that this skill will be earned through the use of a computer likely, a new function of it altogether. Roblox Studio program may be added to the play tab under computers.
  • It is also possible that Lua/ Roblox Lua might be the languages that you are able to learn because of Roblox using Lua for the studio.
  • Maybe there will be a new job which is implemented in which you take on the role of being a computer programmer and this skill would be able to increase its yield.
  • This skill may be for iSlim computers at a minimum so it will make it more difficult to get.
  • This skill benefit may be to program games and publish them to make money.
  • Same as Writing skill, this skill may be asked you just to type and have a script done. It could mean that it could be a character and computer animation and not programming actually.
  • This skill may be scrapped altogether.

Well, the things above are just speculation from the community. We all do not know whether this skill will be as explained above or even more amazing than we expected. Or even, this skill probably will be removed at the end. Just wait for this skill to come in the game.

While you are waiting for this skill to come, you are able to get the skills which are available in the game. Here are the available skills in Bloxburg for now.

  • Athletic

You are able to get this skill by buying and using various items in the Training and Garden sections of Build Mode.

  • Cooking

Cooking various meals and dishes can be done by you with this skill. If you can cook more dishes, you will get a higher rank of skill.

  • Gaming

You can get this skill by using a computer and playing Phantom Forces, Pong or Bloxbourne. Playing Rotris by using an arcade cabinet can also be done to get this skill.

  • Gardening

You can take care of your gardens with this skill.

  • Intelligence

Reading is an activity that you can do to get this skill. Reading a book through bookcases and book piles, or even reading the news on a computer can be done by you.

  • Music

Buying and playing various instruments are the things that you can do to get the skill.

  • Painting

You can get this skill by buying a Painting Stand from Decorations and choose the paint action.

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