How to Level Up Your Gardening Skill in Bloxburg

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Do you play Bloxburg in Roblox? If you play it, surely you have known that in this game there are skills that you are able to get and level up. One of the skills in the game is Gardening. Have you got this skill? If you have, how to level up your gardening skill in Bloxburg?

In Bloxburg, gardening is a skill which permits you to be able to take care of your gardens. So, with this skill, you are able to sell, water, fertilize, and store various items in your gardens. But for now, you are only able to grow plants and decorations. When you are planting the item in the pot, you will water the plant automatically. You also may be asked to re-water your plant when it begins to wither. If you plant the item, it will take some time to grow.

You are able to speed up the process by spending a various amount of Blockbux. The cost of it will vary because it depends on the plants. Then, the plants will have fully grown. The plants can be sold or stored. You are able to make the plants remain as decorations in the plots. As of Version 0.8.5 a, the selling price for plants will decrease because the player has more plants on their plot. It is also important for you to know that the number of plants permitted on a plot is limited to 800 plants. If you wish to be able to load in a plot with an excess amount of plants, you will have to delete them.

Now, how about leveling up gardening skill? As you know that each skill in the Bloxburg can be leveled up and you are able to do that by doing certain things which are related to the skill itself. You are able to increase your gardening skill only when the plant becomes fully mature and experience is not gained while planting or harvesting. It is also important for you to know that planting more expensive plants will not make you level up faster. This rumor spreads in the Bloxburg players but actually this is just a rumor. They believe that planting more expensive plants will make them level up faster.

If you want to speed up or complete the growing process, you are able to spend Blockbux on fertilizer. The price for fertilizer will lessen as the plant progresses and you are able to check the amount of Blockbux required as an indicator of when the plant is ready to fully grow.

Some players give some tips to be able to level up gardening faster. First, you are able to build a bunch of tire planters and just grow the cheapest plants. Then, after you buy the plant, you can pay to fertilize it and it will go faster to level up. Well, you are able to try to get this skill and level up the skill by following these tips. If it works well, you can share it to others.

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