How to Make a Counter in Bloxburg

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In the game of Bloxburg, definitely you are allowed to create any buildings and objects. Of course, it can be a great way that you can sharpen your creativity in building design. However, the design of the building is an important thing that you must master when you decide to play Bloxburg.

As we know that in the game of Bloxburg, there are many things that you can do, especially in making buildings and any objects. Of course, playing Bloxburg is such a way to make the players more creative.

Not only making the players more creative, Bloxburg also can be used as a fun learning way for you who are taking architecture subjects in college. Indeed, you can apply the subjects into the Bloxburg game as well.

As a pro Roblox player, of course, you already master to make any buildings and decorations too. Unfortunately, for a noob in Roblox, you may be a bit confused to get started in making something. So, they will need a reference showing them the ways to make any objects in Bloxburg.

Then, in Bloxburg, you may be familiar with the Counter object. Yeah… Counter in building items is such a bit important object that you must build.

Generally, the counter in Bloxburg is a flat-topped structure used to serve food and drink. Counters are generally used for cooking food and placing any things on them. Then, the counters can be purchased from Build Mode.

At least, there are many kinds of counters available. They are:

  • Basic Counter
  • Stylish Counter
  • Elegant Counter
  • Commercial Counter

How to Make a Counter In Bloxburg

Are you interested in making a counter in Bloxburg? If so, please follow these instructions below!

  • Firstly, the important thing that you have to do is to prepare your space that you will use to make the counter.
  • After you have the space, then, you have to go to Build Mode in Bloxburg. However, in this mode, you are allowed to build any objects.
  • Then, in your available space, get started to click Decorate Menu on the left bottom of the mode.
  • After that, choose Counter in Decorate categories.
  • In this step, you are allowed to choose the counters. At least, there are three counters’ options with different prices. The counter price is starting from $100, $230 and $350. Then, choose a reliable price as you can.
  • Definitely, you can start with the lowest price at $100. With the price, you can get the basic counter at all.
  • Then, click it to place in your space. If you want to make it more than one, absolutely you can click it more and more until you get the size of counters as you want.
  • In this step, you can also place the counter in some angles to make it more gorgeous. Make sure that you place the counter as fitting as possible.
  • Finally, your counter is totally done.

Well, if you want the clear ways in making a counter in Bloxburg, of course, you can watch a tutorial video from busa8908GAMINGHq entitled Tutorial-How to Make the Counter top Curve in “Welcome to Bloxburg!” through this link.

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