How to Make a Custom Roblox Background

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When you want to make a custom Roblox background, you are able to pick an accent color or something for the Roblox search bar and navigation to fit the background. Apparently, the Developers on Roblox have many skill sets. They have proven that they are capable of creating amazing things, including graphic artists.

In our opinion, the talent of graphic artists on Roblox platform is unfathomable. It is absolutely extraordinary how talented these people are, and we believe they have more than proved they are able to make graphics and assets for games which really advertise it and showcase it to the peak of its limits. We believe that it is an injustice to not have a feature like this adding custom backgrounds to the game page. We are sure the feature like this is implemented graphic artists are going to instantly take advantage of this new opportunity and make games look even better at first glance.

Second, we think that we should have more options to add information to our game page. Right now the only way of adding any text information is the description box and the title and this is not enough. The Developers need separated, organized spaces on their game page to organize information like updates, general description of the game, rules, etc. Developers should not be struggling to fit everything that they have to write to represent their game in one description box. A description box must be a description box, descriptive and informative summary of the game, not the only space we can cram everything in.

This customizability will allow us to put information including what players have said about our game, how intensive our game is on computer hardware, rules of the game, etc. Also, this will give developers a space to talk about the game studio which made the game in more detail. Who they are, what they want to achieve, etc. It is going to allow developers to show the logo of the game studio. We  also think it would be great if you included the feature to put links and images which are clickable as links that lead to other Roblox pages so the game studio or game developer is able to put a section like other games we have made.


You are able to change your experience between the light and dark theme. To do that, simply you need to follow these steps below:

  • At the first step, you have to choose the Settings tab from the top right corner.
  • Then, you have to click on Account Info option.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to Personal section.
  • The next step, you have to open the Theme option. You are able to select Dark from the drop-down menu for the Dark theme. You are also able to select off for the Default theme.
  • Lastly, you have to click on Save option to enjoy your Roblox background.

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