How to Make a Custom Roblox Hat

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Customizing your character in Roblox platform has become popular increasingly. The users keen on personalizing their gaming experience have taken advantage of the truly unique customization opportunities which are now available.

If you want to make your own unique piece of virtual headgear, you have come to the right place. Here is how to make a hat in Roblox.


In essence, a hat in Roblox is basically a mesh; a 3D object, or a model. There are 2 ways to make a hat in Roblox. You are able to select the easy and the more time-consuming method. Usually, the more time-consuming options are going to ultimately yield better results. Here is more about the two principles.


You may have probably searched for something along the lines of “make a custom Roblox hat” before coming here. In all likelihood, you will have found lots of tutorials on YouTube and other relevant websites. Before explaining how to make your own hat in a simple way, there is something you should realize. The easy way basically involves taking someone else’s hat design and retexturizing it. In other words, changing the color scheme. No more, no less. There’s nothing bad about this, it just limits your options. However, anyway, here is how it works basically.

Please load up the Roblox Studio and navigate to the Toolbox which is located in the upper-left corner of the studio. Then, you have to find any hat that you want that’s featured in the game that you have loaded up. After you have selected a hat, you are able to go to the Explorer section, located in the right-hand side of the screen. Find the item, then you are able to click the downward-facing arrow next to it and select Mesh. Navigate to the texture ID, located below and you will find the asset ID. Copy those ID numbers down carefully.

Now, you are able to go back to Roblox and replace any catalog ID with the one that you have copied. This is going to load up the texture ID of a particular hat, the one that you have selected. Now, you are able to right-click on the said texture and save the image. Then, open the saved picture in a picture editing program. Do not worry, you are able to use MS Paint, too. Next, simply you are able to change the color of the hat’s texture according to your preference.

If all you want to do is change the color of a hat in Roblox, there is no need to mess with the advanced hat creation approach. This way is considerably more difficult and will take a lot of time investment. However, if you master this approach in the end, you will be able to make any item that you want for your Roblox character. There are many tutorials out there that claim to teach you how to make items in programs like Blender, but those videos will often send you down the wrong path. Please be careful.

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